Varmakkalai (a higher form to martial arts)

Hi to all who have been following my blog and new viewers. I have not blogged for some time now. I have changed my blog looks and couldn’t retain my old posts. Now I will be writing more often. Please feel free to give constructive criticisms.

I recently watched a Tamil movie called 7am Arivu. The whole story revolves around a man called Bodhidharma. He is the king of varmakalai, he mastered in this art (varmakalai). Ever since I watched this movie I was overly fascinated with this art form originated in South India, Tamil Nadu in specific.

I would love to blog about Bodhidhaman but I will do that in a different blog. For those who have not watched this movie yet please do so. It’s an eye opener. I heard about this varmakalai before I went to watch the movie, but I wasn’t too interested in it till now.

“This Art is known as a higher level to Martial/Healing arts. It’s a science of harmony between mind, soul and body. This knowledge it’s not only used to afflict injury but also to cure. It’s a unique Neuro Martial Art in warfare practiced to control the enemy without any external injuries and much effort. Varma Kalai is the master of all arts, royal to its name, practiced by special Asaans (super masters) both for healing and self defense (tharkaapu) purposes.”

Varmam are vital points in the body that act as energy transformers or batteries. Thus varmakalai is the art of vital points. I know that sounds weird but there are many significant sayings in Tamil that cannot be directly translated. I would see this kalai as a self defense. This varmakalai was spread not only in South india but it crossed boundaries. The chinese’s now known as martial arts was once known as varmakalai. There is a big history behind it. You can read up more on this by googling or on wikipedia.

Forms of varmakalai:

Paduvarmam – varmam due to injury



Nokkuvarmam – by starring now in the western world known as Hypnotism

There are 12 Paduvarmam and 96 Thoduvarmam that are widely used worldwide. The others are used less as these involve deeper knowledge. In the above mentioned 4 varmam the last one is the extinct one, as this is rarely practised and mastered correctly.

There are many schools in south india (tamilnadu and kerala) that revives this art.This kalai is solely based on now known as modern science but South Indians developed this in the sixth century. The south Indians were so advanced many centuries back, scientifically, astrologically and technoligically. The advancements of the time was mindblowing that one can’t imagine. One can argue on this for years but the temples built, and art forms are the living proof. Many proofs were intetionally destroyed to undermine the developments of the east. Anyways these school are built to revive our rich history. The students are not only taught the art form but also how to build the mind, body and character. I would like to end it off here.

All of the above is my opinion but some are in quotation marks. I would love to read your opinions, so please feel free to share your opinions below.

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For those who are interested in varmakai. Please visit for more interesting facts and information.



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