Dinner at Thava

Being an Indian, out of many sophisticated factors food is one of those factors, I love to eat! On Sunday evening my hubby, brother and I had dinner at Thava. Yes, it’s a South Indian (Kerala) restaurant, Thava (sauce pan). Thava is situated in Norwood – Johannesburg, South Africa. This was my first time to Thava. The foods were rich in taste and mouth watering.

Tis time to speak about the food.

1. For starters we had Chilli Paneer Bhaji. This is made up of Paneer (cottage cheese) and surrounded by a thick crust made up of cake flour, chillies and Masala. This whole combination is called paneer bhaji.  With green and red chilli surrounding the Paneer Bhaji. It was simply yummy.



Aside : I had second thoughts about the chilli at first, because usually the South Indian foods are so spicy, the tongue literally burns…but it was my hubby’s choice so I thought, okay… why not let’s give it a try. I kinda sound skeptical here, even though I love to eat but I do have second thoughts about strong spicy foods because the results are only known the following day …hehe…If you know what I mean 😉

This is a typical South Indian starter or can be an afternoon teatime snack.The Chilli Paneer bhaji was actually lekker (slang – tasty) wasn’t too strong and we loved it!

2. The main dish was north Indian. I know very contradicting, even though we went to a South Indian restaurant, I regret to say I had North Indian food. I was craving for this food for months so just had to have it. By taste it was equally delicious.

I had butter naan (Indian flat bread) and Dhal Makhini (Lentil curry), Aloo Gobi (potato gravy) and spinach curry with some rice.

3. The beauty part of eating the above food, is not only the taste or the colours but, eating it with hands. It’s seriously a struggle to eat the above with knife and fork. I do see people using utensils and I would love to question them one day. The whole point of going to an Indian restaurant is to experience the whole thing. Its like going to a Chinese restaurant and eating with chopsticks. Eating with hands is an art of its own.

Trust me it was worth the meal. The whole restaurant’s atmosphere was very South Indian. From the aesthetics to the Carnatic music to the waiters and to the open kitchen. The highlighted part was the open kitchen, viewing the talented chefs making naan was simply superb.

I loved it and will definately visit again, for some South Indian food!

For more info on Thava visit their website:  www.thava.co.za

Signing out,

Prad 🙂


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