Summer time wear

It’s summer time here in SA and phewwwwwy it’s super HOT. I will be blogging about what’s the in and trendy and what’s essential.

Us young women love to dress up when going out to meet up with friends or if going on a date or just a family outing. We dress up according to the weather, the event or for our personal happiness. Clothes are not only the fun part of dressing up but the accessories that goes along with the outfit. I am not a Fashion Fundi but I am basing my blog on my observations.

Sleeveless is the in at the moment. I love to wear cotton fabric clothing when the weather increases into the 30 degrees Celsius mark. I have been wearing skirts for the last couple of years. I used to be a tom boy in my early years but have become an “upskirt with tights” person quite recently.

What’s in

1. Sleeveless tops or camisoles with 3/4 pants (pedal pushers) and beaded sandals (I call these chennai slippers). Light coloured clothing are a big IN. I love my baby blues, whites, light pinks and other subtle colours.

2. An extra long t-shirt that covers your butt with tights and sandals or slip-slops.

3. Branded tops with a short skirt and tights with pumps (shoes)

I love to mix ‘n match.


I would strongly reccomend sun screan with a good SPF and sunglasses as this summer is definately going to be burning HOT! I know I too hate that hat…it’s simple … straighten your hair and wear a will look cute and will be seen as an accessory 🙂

Who will go out without accessorising???

Obviously we have to accessorise to stand out in the crowd.  Big beaded necklaces, wooden african type beads, thin chain with a simple pendant and recently gold chains are a big turn on.

Don’t feel shy to show off your bling blings!

Charmed bracelet, plastic beads in a variety of colours are available in flee markets. If the clothes are bland (colour-wise) wear bright coloured beads. Trust me it works! A pretty unusual look of bracelets are: wooden squarish bracelets..looks quite traditional and decent. White pearls are coming back into fashion…I love my pearls. Plain silver or gold bangles are nice!

Earings: I like plain studs, but long slingly earings that are light weighted are fine. I seriously cannot stand heavy earings that will rip your ears apart if caught on clothes.

Thin silver anklets and toe rings are a big turn on but don’t over do it! This doesn’t suit all…

Anyways peeps, this summer is going be awesome and HOT! Don’t forget your sun screens, sun glasses and hats!!

Signing out

Prad 🙂








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