Where there’s a will there’s a way!

Hi peeps,

This post will be more of a self reflection. I am pretty new to blogging and I think it’s a great tool to communicate and share my thoughts with the rest of the world. I have not blogged for sometime now..I think it’s been more than a year. My first blog was blogengine.net.Which lasted for a couple of months. Then I tried out Orchard which was pretty satisfactory and that lasted for like a week.  This is my first wordpress blog and there are thousands of themes out there that I need to research on. If any one out there think my theme really suck… just say it so..really.. so that I can think about exploring new themes.

Now that I am on holidays I can spend more time blogging and connecting with other aliens out there..just kidding you! I would just like to remind my fellow viewers that most of the things I blog about are my own opinions unless I use direct speech and if you think you can leave a constructive criticism or any positive feedback, be my guest. I would love to read your comments and to improve on my writing skills. I would try my very best to be light hearted and fun in my blogging and obviously being a human being and woman in specific, I do have my mood swings. It is sometimes good to rip out those true emotions and share the gut feelings with people who are experiencing the same as you.

I do have categories or tags as bloggers call them that I will use as my guideline to blog. I don’t have a specific topic to blog about. This blog will be a mixed masala…lol…which means I will blogging about anything and everything that needs attention in my life that I come across or try out on. I will do lots of reviewing on movies, gadgets, restaurants etc. I will be providing many tips in the future where ever needed. If you think you can give me better tips, please do so…with “egoless” , haha just made this word up, mind.

Please refrain from using illicit language when commenting as I categorised my blog to be suitable for all ages. If you think I am harsh or generalising etc, please leave a comment. I will take immediate action upon my words. OH and I nearly forgot to mention, I am sure you noticed by now, that I am pretty colloquial with my writing. I do use a lot of South African slang, obviously because I am a South African Indian/Sri Lankan, which ever one comes first 😉

I have already posted few new posts, just to get the feel and I think I am starting to love it already!!

Anyways I got to go now…

Once again I would like to remind you to post comments.


Prad 🙂



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