Warm bamboo massage

I went for a warm bamboo body massage and I will recommend this treatment to one  and all…it’s a natural treatment done at an Ayurvedic spa. The masseurs used warm  bamboo, oils and bacterial wipes. The therapy was one hour long and I felt awesome  after it.

Bamboos are not only used for furniture, buildings, tools and cooking elements but  also used for medicinal and cosmetic purpose.

Maybe this is similar to hot stones massage. I have never been to a hot stone massage.

Firstly, bacterial wipes were used on my body to clean any debris off my skin and they  did the same to the bamboo rods. I had a normal oil hand massage. Sesame seed oil and   jasmine therapeutic oil was used. After they applied the oils they let me stand there about ten minutes.

They had different sizes of bamboos for each part of the body. The bamboo    was sterilized and heated with hot wet cloth wrapped around the rod till use. They rolled the bamboo onto my skin.

To get an idea of the massage, click the below video link.

BAMBOOSSAGE® Bamboo Massage

It was a wonderful soothing treatment and I will love to visit the spa again for another warm bamboo massage treatment.

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Prad 🙂


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