Down the ancestral memory lane

Below are some photographs taken in Old Britain … AKA India during the British rule. Most of these photographs are taken in South India concentrated on Thanjore (Thanjavur – derived from Thanjai oor/ Thanjai nagaram). These photos are taken by the British and were found in a British museum library (அரிய புகைப்படங்கள்).These were snapped during the late 1700’s and 1800’s .

These were the manors that the middle class lived in 

The nanthi (bull – vehicle of Lord shiva) is depicted in this photograph, taken at The Big Temple (Periya Kovil)

Behind a palace

Canon used during the war – this is seen even today (beerangi medu).

This canon is known as one of the largest canons in the world.

The above photograph is a bit unclear but this is behind the chozha palace

Thiruvaiyaru pushpa mandaba street

The architecture of The Big temple (Periya kovil)

Thanjavur mel veethi – streets north of The big temple

As seen on the photograph this is a view of the city of Tanjore taken from a illustration of the Little fort novel

Periya Kovil

More intricate architecture of Periya kovil

Behind a Chozha palace

Thiruvaiyaru Kaveri aaru (Kaveri river)

More of Periya kovil

Kizhakku Veethi

More of Periya Kovil

Main entrance and gopuram (steeple) Periya kovil

Thivaiyaaru amman ther during a festive season


Gopuram (steeples) raised above the rooftops of manors

An angled drawing of the Chozha palace and fellow workers

Now a bridge is built in this area – this is a photograph taken behind the Periya Kovil

I found all of these photographs on facebook shared by a friend and thought this would be a good share on my blog.

I went recently (December 2010) to Tanjore and have taken some photographs and will share this below.

I apologise for the photograph quality, these were taken with an Iphone.




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