Chai (tea) time!

My chai time is between 16h00 to 17h00. Drinking tea and listening to Carnatic music is the best! I don’t like missing my chai time, if I do my evening gets ruined. That’s the one and only time I  intake milk. I know its not healthy but am not a big fan of drinking milk.

I walked towards my fridge to find the main ingredient (ginger) for my chai and out of disappointment I ended up drinking a normal 5 roses tea.

Now this is how I make my chai….


2 cups of tap water

2 tablespoons of tea leaves/powder

2 pinch cardamom powder

3 teaspoons grated ginger

desired amount of sugar

3/4 cup milk if more upto your desire


  • Pour 2 cups of water into a pot and boil it on stove
  • Add the tea powder, grated ginger and cardamon powder
  • Stir well
  • After three minutes add milk and sugar
  • Let it to bubble and boil
  • Filter/sieve the chai into a cup
  • Enjoy with biscuits (my favourite is Marie or Romany creams)


Well traditionally in India Filter coffee is the favourable drink but I personally prefer tea. Filter coffee and Carnatic music will be a better option for many but this is what I had.


🙂  Prad  🙂


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