Its carols time!

Who wouldn’t love christmas, whether you are christian or not, this applies to all barriers! Christmas is fun… especially if you live in a neighbourhood with Christmas lights on the street. What comes in mind when you think about christmas?

  • Snow check
  • Stockings check
  • Christmas tree check
  • Candles check
  • Deco for christmas tree check
  • Prezzies for family check
  • Christmas carols check
  • Christmas daddy with a reindeer check
  • Deco lights for house Check the following video out!

World’s best christmas lighting with a music display

The 2011 biggest little light show in Reno Nevada, USA. This is their 6th consecutive year of Christmas lights synchronized to music. People complained about the traffic lights not working … just imagine how much of electricity this would’ve sucked up, but its Christmas so hey why not !! The lights are awesome and well synced with music.



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