|: Kolaveri di :|

The latest and ongoing clichéd buzz over the web and other media…KOLAVERI DI (revenge). This is one song that was recently released from the Tamil movie 3 and is quite popular. The catchy phrases and the tune attract millions of people, not necessarily Tamil speaking people. The language used in this song is broken English with bits and pieces of chennai Tamil (aka Thanglish). There are many remixes and uncut YouTube versions of this song. I would like to share the original version and my favourite remix.

This is the original version sung by Dhanush (actor). If you click into the video you can see how popular this song is, by viewing the number of viewers. I thinks its really crazy that there are so many fans for this song.

This is a remixed version sung by Arjun. I think he has a good and decent voice. This is my favourite remix thus far. This video is half as popular as the original version. There are so many crazy and wonderful versions of this song that can be commended for.



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