Nan Hua (Buddhist) Temple

On new year’s day, I visited a beautifully built Buddhist temple. This temple is situated at Bronkhostspruit. This was my first time visit to this temple. I loved the atmosphere. I felt like I was in mini China with the Buddhist monks. I have not visited China but after this trip I would add that to my wishlist. I don’t see much differences from a Hindu temple. We (Hindus) use almost the same mantras, which is in sanskrit, to the Buddhist chants. I would love to share some photos from my experience.

This is the broad road leading to the temple.

Welcome point, you can see a bit of my windscreen wiper there.

The intricate art of architecture.

I was trying out my photography skills here…

A 180 degrees panoramic view of the temple from the entrance

An astonishing Buddha (Siddhartha) statue. This is situated in front of the temple.

The three Buddha statues in the front of the temple. Each Buddha’s hand gesture is different, definitely have a greater significance to it but didn’t have a tour guide to explain what each gesture meant. If you know what they mean please feel free to comment below.

We were expecting to see Bodhidharma (the saint who traveled from India to China to teach Varmakalai and protect the
Chinese from diseases)  but only managed to see a painting of Bodhisathva. If you want to read up more about Varmakalai click on this link

Buddha and his followers. Buddha, also known as Siddhartha, was a Nepali (Hindu) and the prince… son of the Nepali king who ruled the whole of Nepal at that time. He had some dispute with his father the king in regards to the girl he loved dearly married his father. Buddha then renounced everything and walked to China on his barefoot – this story was passed down to me by my elders

The beautifully planned ceiling of the temple. The interior decorators were from China

A different angled view of the Budhas

Colourful rooves

The protector

View of the Temple from a South Easterly direction

Balcony view

The cultural centre

The Chinese dragon globe

This is a beautiful tourist destination and family outing. I couldn’t snap the monks in action in my camera.



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