Monte Casino

On the 2nd of Jan 2012 I visited Monte Casino. Well this place is like any other casino but this place has a mini mall that’s designed and built in a way that you feel you are in Europe. This mall was built in Tuscan style. Each part of the complex exerts a different atmosphere. The ceilings are made in a way that it feels like we are looking at the blue skies. People not only come here for gambling but to shop around and be entertained with other activities. I didn’t go into the gambling sections. Here are some photos I took before I went to watch movies. Most of the photos are dark because they were taken indoors. You will see people in my photos, I tried to avoid having many people in my photos. I apologize for the photo quality, these photos were taken on my LG phone camera.

Walkway to the food court

The buildings seen in this photo are built in a way so that shoppers can have the look and feel of the Italian walkways

Similar signs that are found on the side of roads leading to the various parts of the shopping centre

A miniature indoor pond

Waterfall side view

American trading stores

The Red Indian- I know in Canada many people collected these collectibles

Just love the way they planned the whole building

I found the cat by the window quite amusing

More walkways for your view, you can see the ceiling (sky) colour changes from one section to another

A beautiful fountain

A balcony on the shoulder of the arched shaped arc

 Christmas deco and the stockings below the skyline

A better view of the clouds above



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