8 categorised Android Apps (application)

I got a LG Optimus black and it is an Android phone. I used the market (application ,app,  store) to download few cool apps that was recommended by other fellow android users and I tried out a couple of apps. I will be sharing the apps that I use regularly and how useful it is to me on my daily routine lifestyle. I also have some apps that came with the phone which are super useful.

1. Communication apps

  • Whatsapp
  • Skype
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Myspace

These apps above are useful when you are a, for example, Facebook freak or Twitter trimbo(I just made this word up). These apps came with the phone. I don’t use half these apps because I am not too into Twitter or myspace. I have a facebook account but I don’t use it on my phone. However, Whatsapp and Skype is heaven to me. These apps are very useful to communicate with friends or by using skype  for video calling. Especially if you have loved ones overseas, Skype is a great communicating tool as you can view their webcam or simply smiley-face-away.

2.  Navigation tools

  • Google maps
  • Navigation
  • Car home
  • Compass
  • Latitude
  • Around me
  • Places

All of the above apps are so useful especially if you are lost or want to know which direction you are heading towards. These tools not only show direction and the maps but what speed you are travelling at, traffic news and other quick destinations for example rest areas or nearest gas stations. The latitude app depicts the exact GPS points.

3. Imagery apps

  • Camera
  • CamScanner
  • Camera 360
  • Fast burst camera lite

Some cool apps to make your photos look perfect. Just download it and try it out!

4. Finances

  • Calculator
  • Family budget
  • Financial calculator
  • Cashflow lite

I use the Cashflow lite a lot as this helps me with my accounts.

5. Sound app

  • Voice recorder
  • FM radio
  • Tanpura droid
  • voice control
  • Mobile metronome
  • Shazam
  • Carnatic raga

There are some unfamiliar apps above. Tampura droid is an app that I use when I am singing classical (Indian) music. I use the metronome as well. Shazam is an awe app. If you want to know what that special number that you listening on the radio is, you just have to open Shazam and hold it near your car speaker. It will give you the name of the song..Awesome hey? Carnatic raga is understood by those who learn carnatic music. This app mentions all kinds of ragas and the history behind each raga.

6. Games

  • Unblock me (this game activates those brain cells)
  • Checkers
  • The Sims 3
  • Words with friends
  • Angry birds ( A MUST HAVE)
  • Hanging with friends

7.  Useful applications

  • Flash player
  • Adobe reader
  • Samygo remote
  • Translate
  • WebMD
  • First Aid
  • Dictionary
  • Where’s my droid
  • List maker
  • Goggles
  • Swype

This is a huge list of things that I use often. I will highlight the apps that are unknown. Samygo remote is very useful if you have those 3D or smart tvs. You can listen to your music or view your photos on your phone by connecting your phone onto the tv.  Translate helps to translate from english to whatever language desirable. WebMD is a medical app that makes my life (literally) easy when I have a head ache or any body injuries. This app shows the symptoms and on what treatement I should follow up on. “Where’s my droid” is the ONE and ONLY app that saves my breath (figuratively) everytime I lose my phone. Especially if you are a person who loses your phone in your own handbag. All you have to do is send a message..”where’s my droid” – you can customise your message.. to your phone and walla it makes an ambulance tone whether its off or on silent. List maker helps me to categorise my grocery list for shopping. Goggles is another cool app that identifies photos and sends them to the web to research more on that photograph..so basically its google search with the photos on your phone. If you have a touch screen android phone swype keyboard might make your messaging easier.

8. General apps

  • Woman Log (this is for women)
  • Beauty tips
  • Messy vegetarian – being a vegetarian this is essential guide to my tummy
  • Memo – note taking
  •  Drop box – share things on your phone to the computer
  • Sticky widget – I use this as a reminder, the sticky pop ups on my cellphone screen page
  • Kobo – if you are a book worm you can download many free books and you can buy them online.
  • Evernote – similar to the drop box
  • Flash light – essential when there is no electricity but you better charge your phone when there is electricity 😉
  • Mobile manager – manage my apps into folders
  • QR Droid – bar code reader
  • App backup and restore
  • SMS backup and restore
  • Cool cleaner – cleans your history of search and cookies
  • Weather
  • Gmail/Gtalk/Gmail
  • News (my personal newspaper)
  • Youtube

All of my favourite apps are categorised in such a way that you will see the same categories on my phone. I use the mobile manager to categorise my apps.

Extra apps for Tamilians:

  • Thirukkural
  • Ponniyin Selvan
  • Other Tamil books for download



Prad 🙂



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