Rye sandwich

I just hit a decade on my food category..This is my tenth blog on food, am sure by now you know am a foodie.

I just had a Rye bread veggie sandwich. Now, what is a Rye bread you may ask.

Rye bread is a type of bread made with various percentages of flour from rye grain. It can be light or dark in color, depending on the type of flour used and the addition of coloring agents, and is typically denser than bread made from wheat flour. It is higher in fiber than white bread and is often darker in color and stronger in flavor. – Wikipedia

Some history on Rye bread..

Rye bread became a staple which lasted to the Middle Ages. Many different types of rye grain have come from places all over Europe such as Finland, Denmark, Russia, Baltic countries and Germany. In Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Poland, Belgarus, Slovakia, and Russia, rye is the most popular type of bread. A common saying in modern-day Alaska is “eggs on rye,” which is an expression used when something tastes delicious. In 500 AD., the Saxons and Danes settled in Britain and introduced rye, which was well suited to cold northern climates.   – Wikipedia

There are 2 different coloured Rye breads, I had the white one today for dinner. Below are the photos of the different Rye breads.





Dark Rye bread










White Rye bread







Source of photos – Wikipedia

How did I make my Rye bread sandwich?…It’s really simple.


White rye bread

Grated Mozzarella cheese

Sliced Tomatoes

Grated Carrots

Finely chopped lettuce

Cut green chillies

Chopped up cucumber

Finely diced onions (optional)

Black pepper for seasoning

Some salt for seasoning

Ketchup (Tomato sauce)

Some butter


Before I do the method you may think how healthy is this sandwich. Well it is super healthy and you will feel full! Rye bread contains a large amount of fiber and only a little fat. Rye bread does not create high spikes in blood sugar as white bread and other breads do.



  • Make sure the bread is sliced
  • Spread butter on bread
  • Layer the cheese, tomatoes and all the other vegetables I mentiond above
  • Season with salt and pepper
  • Spread some ketchup over your sandwich
  • Bon apetit!

Tip: You can toast the bread for extra crisp. Pretty much you can add any other veggies you desire that is adjustable to your taste.

Prad 🙂


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