Drinking Ilaneer (Tender coconut water)

When I went to Mauritius I had the best coconut water ever. Coconuts grow in tropical climate. If you live in a tropical area you would only want to sit in an air conditioned room forever. Unless you have enough pennies to buy coconut water, this is how I spend my hot holidays hydrating my body. Sometimes even water doesn’t help the thirst as coconut water does.  You would have a filling tummy after a drink. I got this info from my brother, ” ILa means tender and neer means water. When the coconut is tender or green the water is healthy. During the vietnam war, ILaneer was used as alternate to blood. When soldiers lost blood, ilaneer was injected into their veins to cope them come back to normal again.”

Ingredients to drinking coconut water:

  • Coconut grove

  • A tree climber to climb the coconut trees in the grove
  • A sharp knife (“aru vaal”)
  • A plastic straw
  • The man should climb the tree and cut off a few coconuts
  • Take the aruva, ask the same man to cut the coconut for you, just the top bit
  • Put the straw in and slurp away
  • After drinking the Ezhani juice, cut open the whole coconut
  • With the head that was cut off earlier…use it as spoon to scoop up the white yolk, it tastes delicio!





This is how the tender coconuts look when they are on the tree











They make a good drink, in rural parts of Tamil Nadu, they make Kallu

also known as alcohol with the “fermented” coconut juice. Apparently it

tastes super good. I watched this on Discovery Channel a long time

back. Fortunately, I don’t drink alcohol.







These coconut drinks are made, packed and exported to countries where the coconuts are scarce.






Coconut oils are produced for cooking and healthy hygiene purposes. I remember when I was living in Chennai, my mom used to dab Parachute (brand) coconut oil for my hair and plait my hair and put a blue ribbon before I went to school. Apparently the more the usage of the oil on hair the thicker the hair will grow. It looked neat and smelt divine. I used the Parachute brand that used to come in the blue plastic container.


Have a refreshing coconut water!


Prad 🙂

Note: all the info in ” ” is the correction made by my brother, who is a blogger too…Visit his website http://prasi.us/




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