Let’s talk Falooda!

I have just realised, I have a group of youngsters who follow my blog very silently. I will keep them off the spotlight ..well for now..  I am dedicating this blog to you guys. Please try this simple recipe at home.

I was supposed to blog this on Valentines day. Since I don’t celebrate Valentines, I decided to keep this blog for a special occasion.

I have very young and fond memories of having rose milk with pink syrup as an afternoon drink. We use to get green syrup with a different flavour. Falooda is somewhat the same but with extra additives. The Falooda is a traditional north Indian dessert. The good thing about this drink is that it suits all kinds of events and parties. It’s so delicious. Kids love this drink!

Source of photo: http://judyscakesandtreats.wordpress.com


1 cup regular milk

1 tbsp Tukmaria

1 tsp rose syrup

1 tbsp falooda Sev or vermicelli

Almonds and Pistachios

A pinch of Cardamom powder

Sugar according to taste

1 scoop Vanilla Ice cream

Serving: 2 glasses

Preparation before method:

Soak Falooda sev or vermicelli according to the manufacturer’s direction and run it under the cold water tap so that it doesn’t stick and separates out well. This can be bought in any Asian or Indian grocery stores

Soak the Tukmaria for atleast 1 hour and drain and keep aside

Chop the almonds and pistachios into tiny pieces

Finally ’tis time to make the mouth watering Falooda!



  • Into a glass bowl pour the regular milk.
  • Add the cardamom powder, falooda sev or vermicelli, the soaked tukmaria , a little bit of almonds and pistachios and keep some for the top.
  • Add the rose syrup to the mixture (also can get this in Indian grocery stores)
  • Mix well, if you think you need a bit more pinky colour you can add more rose syrup
  • You can taste your mixture and add sugar accordingly
  • Let the milk soak all the flavours of the nuts, cardamon powder and other additives, let it to soak for 5 minutes and stir in between, also the nuts will become softer and it will be easier to chew
  • Falooda is almost ready to serve, pour the milk mixture into a milkshake glass
  • On top put 1 scoop of ice cream
  • Sprinkle some nuts on top of the ice cream
  • Pour 1 tsp of rose syrup on top
  • AND NOW your faloooooooda is ready!!


  • You can add the rose syrup into  plain milk with sugar and it tastes quite nice on its own
  • If you don’t like chunk of nuts in your drink, you can crush them and sprinkle on top
  • When pouring the milk mixture into the glass, pour right to about 3/4 of the glass and keep space at the top for ice cream and other garnish. The rest of the milk mixture if you have any can be used as garnish as well
  • If you have strawberry you can cut into halves and use as garnish if you have no ice cream


Prad 🙂



  1. Now after seeing this, i feel like having one now 🙂
    Will have to wait till evening and determined to have one at ‘Lassi Bar’ 🙂

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