Garland making (DIY)

This blog post will be a vlog (video log) of how garlands with Jasmine and other flowers are made. Infront of most of the temples in Tamil Nadu there there are flower shops, whereby they sell all the necessary items for your worship at the temple, flowers and garlands to offer to God. That area usually smells floral. One can be awed for hours, watching the florists make garlands, with such speed and confidence.

Here is a professional video from youtube showing how the garlands are made:

How do I make my garlands:

It’s so simple anyone can do it!

You need:

  • A reel of cotton (string)
  • Needle
  • Carnation or any flower of your desire
  • Some wide green leaves



  • Thread the cotton into the needle and cut string to the desirable length of garland
  • Thread the needle through the centre of the flower
  • Leave some space on either end of the string
  • Make sure the flowers are tight together on the string
  • Thread the green leaves in between the flowers
  • After threading all the flowers, tie the ends of the strings together
  • Walla! There’s your garland, you can be creative with your garlands



The flowers are abundunce in India. Most of the function’s decoration are done with flowers. Flowers make the event very memoriable. Infact my wedding stage was filled with flowers. All I remember is the smell of the roses and how beautiful it was. I can’t imagine one event in our Hindu customs without flowers. Even if it’s a funeral flowers are offered to God and to the dead person.

I would say making garland is an art. I have just blogged about 64 fine arts and in 3 points, it has been mentioned about floral skills. To go to the fine arts post click this link —>

Below are my photos from my wedding whereby the flowers took center stage.

A welcoming board. This whole board was filled with fresh flowers -at Mayor Ramanathan Chettiar (MRC) hall, Chennai.

Stage decorated with flowers





  1. My mom makes garlands for a Shivan temple here in Michigan. She is too good to be true. She knows how to make those garlands with jasmine flowers. I am still trying to learn the techniques. I will get there one day. Good!

  2. @Sunitha stop embarressing me in the public, she does make Jasmine garlands and she is good at it!!! KNOW YOUR FACTS!

    @blogger sorry about our cat fight over here

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