Top spinning

When I was a *street kid*, I used to watch other boys spinning tops and wondered if I will ever spin a top. I was more into boys’ games than girly games. All that the girls did was skip with skipping rope, play hide and seek, clap each other’s hands, play tag, plait each other’s hair and tie a ribbon at the end of it, draw, paint or sew and stay at home with their moms to do house chores.

But I was a special case, I knew how to  bicycle, catapult twigs and small stones at all the teachers at school, play cricket, juggle (with 2 balls only)..that’s easy peezy..bunk classes, but that one thing that was lacking to make me a tom boy was spinning tops,whistling and climbing trees. I used to think why can’t I go join the boys with the tops.I am sure I wouldve known by now how to spin a top if I had a guy friend who could decently spin a top.Well, I am still learning how to spin a top. I only managed to spin a yoyo on a string. So if you want to know how to spin a top professionally take a look at the videos below.

*Street kid is referring to me playing on the streets (literally) with my neighbour friends. Most of the times we were on the streets playing games and having fun, our moms used to scream at us to come home and do our homework.

Below are 2 videos on how to spin different kinds of tops…Source: youtube


They even have dedicated a day for spinning tops, it’s called International spinning day…can you believe this?

Spin away and good luck 😛




  1. When myself and my best friend were young we used to spin tops all the time. That was our part time job and also fly kites, that string used to cut our fingers but nevertheless we enjoyed it.

  2. At blogger, just a simple suggestion. You should do a blog on kites too. I enjoy reading your blogs especially your personal inputs. I would love to have a blog too, but unfortunately with 3 kids it’s like writing many novels. Give us more blogs about our Indian culture. I enjoyed reading your other blogs. I have shared this with my friends, hoping to see their comments soon on here.

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