How to fly a kite?

I have published my top spinning post ( and a viewer suggested I blog about kites. I wouldn’t say no to that 🙂

I remember standing on warm beach sand and looking up at the sunny afternoon sky. One red diamond shaped kite flying over my head, wondered who is the owner of the kite. Trying to trace the string of the kite to the hand that is holding the base of the string. A young boy with a wide smile and so happy for the first time his kite is flying. Soon enough I saw may other kites all over the Marina beach. Most of my fun encounters that I blog about took place at an early age, when I was living in Chennai.

When I was a kid, the kites used to be a diamond shape and 2 dimensional. These days there are a variety of kites that come in different shapes and sizes. I personally don’t know how to fly a kite, again I have found a video for you to view on how to make a kite and researched about how to fly a kite and here it goes.

A youtube video on how to make a traditional (a diamond) shaped kite. I remember the boys used a spinning wheel which contains the string to spin it while the kite is in the sky. They spin accordingly so that the kite goes with the wind not against the wind. You can either fly the kite or crash it, thus you need to know the technique to fly the kite or spin a top. Once you know the technique you will become a pro.

Flying a kite is great fun on a windy day. It’s also very relaxing. The following directions will teach you how to fly a kite with a friend.

  1. Find a buddy to help you get the kite into the air.
  2. You should hold the ball of string and have your buddy hold the kite or vice versa. The kite should be facing you and the wind.
  3. Unwind about 30 yards (23 meters) of string.
  4. Signal to your buddy to release the kite. You should pull on the string to launch your kite into the air.
  5. Pay attention to the wind direction, here is a diagram:
    • Suppose that “I” is you and “U” is the other person holding the kite
    • Wind is blowing this direction: I ————————————> U
    • “I” stands one end (with the string) ——> “U” stands other end ( with the kite)
  6. Make sure the wind is going in a straight line from you to the other person.
  7. To allow the kite to go higher, release length of string.
  8. To lower the kite, simply pull in the string.

Happy flying!

Prad 🙂



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