Sweet paan

I just had the sweetest paan ever (betel leaf with fillings). Here is a a video of how paans are made.

A paan is eaten after a meal for digestion and it also serves as a good breath mint. After every meal it is customary in India and many other south Asian countries to have a paan. As seen in the above video the betel leaf is filled with sweet essence, betel nut, jams and other spices to enrich your taste buds.

Sweet-less paans are available too, but it’s not favourable by youngsters, mostly the elderly have these. This will be a mixture of tobacco and similar plants. Usually these paans are chewed upon and spat out after draining the juice out of it. It is not highly healthy to chew paan regularly as it has its own side effects, like rotting of teeth and degradation of gums. Near any Indian restaurants you may find a beeda stall with paanwallas selling paans. They make loads of money with this paan business.

This is a mini paan businesss named Colombo beeda stall in Gallface beach Sri Lanka – Wikipedia


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