That red and white flag with a maple leaf…

Oh my gosh, I have not blogged in ages! So many things have happened ever since my last blog that I would like to share.

  • I had a cousin over from Germany.
  • I visited places that I visited ages ago within South Africa.
  • Learnt how to make cupcakes.
  • Learnt a bit of German (Deutsche)
  • And now I am in Canada.
  • Visited my family in New Jersey over the Easter weekend.
  • Was in Time Square, Central Park and NY library
  • Spent time with my nieces, I have three now.

I will share that cupcake receipe with you at a later stage.

You know that “butterfly-in-your-tummy” feeling, that angst feeling, that nervous feeling…Yes this is how I felt on the air trip to Canada. Well, I’ve lived there before. But, once you live in another country for more that five months, you will gradually start to miss the country that you previously lived in. That’s when people start to boast about their countries…and then go on about how they miss that neighbourhood, the roads are better, the xyz is better than the current location bla bla. Well, all of the above is me.Especially if you are going back to that specific place for a temporary period like a month or few weeks, in my case two weeks, you start to complain on the third last day that you should’ve booked a flight ticket for a longer period.

I think I am very lucky to be an aunt for two neices and even luckier to see the birth of my new neice. I found this SHORT trip as worthwhile!

 The CN Tower in the night sky of Downtown Toronto

More of downtown Toronto by Ontario Lake.




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