Times square – I have been here!

You know that phrase “I was here” or “I have been here”, well now I can stamp it for the 3rd time, I marked my territory for a few hours. I have clearly left an African footprint behind. My husband and I visited times square during my holidays. They ALWAYS say to visit NYC during the night time to see the neon lights on the buildings, billboards and all over the show. Well, they have lights on even during the DAY time! What a crazy city! Every time I go there it’s always a long walk to freedom (we¬†literally¬†walked so much… within a few hours), but I loved it once again!

Times Sqaure is a huge commercial area in Manhattan, NYC, USA. This place was formerly named Longacre Square (no wonder we walked a lot) in the late 1800s and early 1900’s and was later named Time Square in 1904. It was renamed this as The New York Times moved its headoffice to the newly errected Times Building. This is where the yearly new year’s eve ball takes place.

As always here are some photos, from my trip, for your view…

This is Times Square for you..but during day time

A street away from wall street $$

A whole store filled with M ‘n M s…Loved it!

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  1. I’ve not been on your blog for some time now. I missed your blogging. The last time I went to time square was with my husband in 2000. It has changed a bit now.

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