I have two neices who are one year apart and a new born niece (women power!!). When I think about babies, I think they are cute and so on but when I have to think of having one of my own, it’s kinda scary the whole thought about the labour and the process. I am sure I’ll be fine when it takes place. Anyways all babies hold a special place in my heart <3

The stories I hear from the mothers around me:

  • some are drastic and melodramatic
  • some sounds manageable
  • some are way more protective over their cute ones…Give them some FREEDOM and SPACE ladies!!

Anyways, babies are such fun and amazing beings. It’s so crazy and wonderful to think about bonding time with your own babies and how fast they learn and grow. I just visited my nieces (now that I have more than one) I can see each one’s development and how they are being brought up. I love to get ideas from my elders on many things such as: decorating a house, to cooking styles, tips and finally teaching their babies and kids manners and good habits.

It’s so cool to see how babies develop habits and how the mother’s manage their times with each of their offsprings. I think that would be the highlight of my holiday to USA and Canada. I got to see the do’s and dont’s and managed and learned the technique of changing diapers of my toddler niece.

I felt a special bond with each one of them nevertheless my holiday was short and sweet. I found some Howcast videos on how to train a baby to eat on its own and potty training. I think these Howcast videos are so helpful compared to the olden day nurses (our poor mothers) and I just love youtube videos. I am subscribed to so many youtuber’s videos.

Even teaching the baby to eat on their own looks much simpler to potty training. None of my neice are old enough to be potty trained yet.

In the above video, they specially mention that the toddlers or kids get to choose their own potty seat. I think it’s a great idea to give them the choice of their own at a very young age but with some control. It’s always fun to dress them up and take pics. I spent a few days (very few) alone with my cute neice and strange enough I learnt a lot within that many days. Every minute counts when you are with your own baby.  Unfortunately I cannot give many tips as I am not a mother yet but soon enough this blog will become babylicious.

Myself and my niece

Keep smiling 🙂 🙂

**, Prad



  1. Babies are adorable, I have 3 of my own. Two of them are grown up and my toddler is 2 years old. I just love all of them. You will enjoy having a baby around =)

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