Choc Chip Cupcake

If you got a party coming up for your little one…Make cupcakes!  Involve the kids in the kitchen, will be more fun.

I will like to dedicate this blog to my cousin from Germany. This is her recipe and it’s because of her I found a new hobby. I would rather name it German cupcake.

Germans are fun to be around with. They speak English as if they are speaking Deutsch. Ah love their accents!

She was here in South Africa for a holiday. I was so not into baking before her visit. We went shopping whereby she bought all the necessity items needed for this cupcake. Let’s see the shopping list below. 


  • 300 g flour – I used cake flour, all purpose flour works well too
  • 130 g sugar – normal white sugar
  • 220 ml milk
  • 100 g butter
  • 3 tsp Baking powder
  • Vanilla essence
  • 1/4 cup Choc chip
  • Lindt chocolate for icing purpose at the end


Recieved this mixer or blender as a gift from Germany 🙂


Necessity items in your kitchen:

  • Blender
  • Cup cake tray
  • Cups – I got the silicone one (like to reuse my cups)
  • Measuring cup or scale
  • Butter Knife to cut butter and spread choclate at the end on top of cupcakes
  • Mittens

Here’s a tongue twister for you: Betty bought butter but the butter was bitter so betty bought better butter to batter better


I have this habbit while cooking or baking, I got to have all my ingredients and necessity items on the counter. I love to work meticulously 😛

You can see above I have the hand written recipe – written by my cousin, which I will treasure for life. It had some cool message in German, which I’ll share later on 🙂


Pre heat oven at 180 degrees celcius

Baking time: About 20 Minutes

Turn the tray after 10 mins



Mix all the dry ingredients and then mix the wet ingredients.

Melt the butter and add to mixture.

Blend with the blender.

Arrange the silicon cups into the tray like so:

Pour the mixture into the cups (tip – use 2 spoons to scoop out the mixture and to put the thickness into the cup)

Bake it in the oven and after 20 mins stick a tooth pick through the cake to see whether it’s been cooked well.

After taking it out of the oven melt the Lindt chocolate and spread it on the cake

Let it set for 10 minutes before you gobble it up!


This was the cute message from my cousin to me and I had to use Google translator…Enjoy the treat!




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