Pumps pumps pumps!


My pumps are worn out. I wear them so often. I love doing shoe shopping, however I get frustrated shopping for a size 4-5 feet. I get so disappointed when I cant find my size. It’s so sad and depressing. Those with small tiny feet will understand my pain and grief ­čśë

I went to buy one pair and ended up buying three. When you are faced with millions of pumps it’s difficult to just pick a pair.

I found some with heels. They looked so beautiful. Fortunately or unfortunately I don’t enjoy wearing heels. They are just not for me. They┬ádefinitely┬álook good on some people, especially if you know how to walk in them, then it’s for you.

I do own those short flat heels, which are manageable to walk on.

Leather I had an eye on for some time




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