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Internet is a thin strand of communication between every homosapien conscious soul in this planet. I started to abundantly use the Internet round about in the early 2007. It was pretty recent and yet I can’t remember or imagine how the days of my life were spent before this magnificent invention. Somebody probably wrote this idea down on a piece of paper and worked on it to create an evolution. Any idea that comes into your head, please write it down and think of ways to evolve it.  You never know what miracles can do. It is all a Law of attraction.

I may have phrased the previous sentence in a positive way, but obviously the Internet does contain its drawbacks. This Internet or “web” as I call it is a small piece of strand that pulls and keeps the balance of all its users on this planet. The web has created a global village.

Let me start with the good but clichéd stuff first. The benefits of the web.

  • Quick communication around the world
  • Information, facts and resources under finger tips
  • Entertainment
  • Networking
  • Online services


The foremost goal of Web has often been speedy communication and it’s excelled way past the anticipations. More recent improvements are only gone enable it to be more quickly and much more reliable. Now, you’ll be able to talk within a fraction of second having a man or woman that is sitting inside the other a part of the planet. For much more exclusive and interactive conversation, you’ll be able to avail the amenities of speak services, movie conferencing and so on. Aside from, there are plenty of messenger products and services in supplying. With the assistance of this kind of products and services, it’s develop into extremely easy to create a variety of global friendship where you can talk about your ideas and explore other cultures. I feel even though my blog I am communicating to millions of people out there who doesn’t know me personally, and I hope my information is interesting and original to a certain level.

Information and resources

College students and children are among the major people who surf the web for study. Right now, it is practically demanded that students must utilize the Online for exploration or the purpose of gathering assets. Even teachers have commenced offering assignments that demand comprehensive exploration within the Internet. Moreover, you could have an access to newest researches within the field of drugs, technologies etc. A lot of web pages like America’s Doctor also allow you to talk with the medical doctors on the internet.


Entertainment is an additional well-known raison d’être why lots of people prefer to surf the internet. In reality, Online is rather thriving in trapping the multifaceted amusement market. Downloading video games or just browsing the movie star web sites are some of the uses individuals have uncovered. Even celebs are utilizing Internet properly for promotional campaigns. Furthermore, there are many online games which will be downloaded within the Online free of charge. The sector of on the web gaming has tasted extraordinary and phenomenal particular attention by video game lovers.


A single cannot envision a web based daily life with no Fb or Twitter. Social networking has become so well-known amongst youth that it might just one day exchange physical networking. It has evolved as being a terrific medium to connect with an incredible number of individuals with identical pursuits. Apart from finding long-lost friends, you may as well seem for position, company opportunities on discussion boards, communities and many others. Besides, you can find speak rooms in which users can satisfy new and intriguing persons. A number of them may well even close up acquiring their existence partners.

Online services

Internet has made lifestyle quite practical. With quite a few on the net products and services you can now perform all your transactions on the internet. You are able to book tickets for the motion picture, transfer funds, pay utility expenses, taxes and so forth., correct from your household. Some journey websites even program an Itinerary as for your preferences and consider treatment of airline tickets, resort reservations and so on.

Let’s move onto the negative side of the dice.

  • Theft of private information
  • Spamming
  • Virus threat
  • Pornography

Theft of Private Information

In case you use the Web for on the web banking, social networking or other solutions, you could possibly chance a theft to your personalized facts for example name, tackle, credit card amount etc.. Unscrupulous men and women can access this information through unsecured connections or by planting plan-and then use your personal facts for their profit. Obviously, this might land you in serious trouble


Spamming refers to sending undesired e-mails in bulk, which give no rationale and needlessly obstruct your total system. This sort of unlawful actions could be quite annoying in your case while it can make your World-wide-web slower and fewer reliable.

Virus Threat

World-wide-web end users are often stricken by virus assaults on their programs. Computer systems connected to World-wide-web are extremely prone to specific virus assaults and may finish up crashing.


Pornography is maybe the greatest disadvantage of the web. Online enables you to access and download tens of millions of pornographic pictures, films and also other X-rated products. These types of unrestricted accessibility to porn may be detrimental for children and youngsters. It may even engage in havoc in marital and social lives of older people.


The bad things that I mentioned above, the web is expected to heal off by itself. People try to find solutions and the subject fades off until a new bad thing, like a virus, is introduced into the web. It’s pretty much like an immune system. You fall and get badly hurt , after some time your cells of your skin is replaced and replenished with new cells, the immune system is built. Similarly, the web’s immune system is developed by having hackers, scams and failures, but then recovering from the failures.

The key factor is the cost of failure is low if it happens these failures happen early.


At the top of my head I can only think of the following that is not been used up by the internet hundred percent.

Inviting people to a party or gathering meant sending invitations and making phone calls. Yes, without email or social media, getting the word out about a party was done by licking some stamps (we didn’t get self-adhesive stamps until 10 or 15 years ago…talk about SO much more work involved back then) or letting your fingers do the walking and your mouth do some talking. At least wedding invites are not immune yet to being sent via snail mail. However, I scanned and sent my wedding invitations to people.


Ever since the internet was introduced, people started to think differently, humanity’s understanding has been altered, more knowledge has been passed around and I would say people have opened up their third eye (eye of intellect). That thin strand of communication is being strengthened.

There is always room for argument, please feel free to comment below if you agree other wise. Looking forward to some constructive criticisms.




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