..pssst…The secret

How can it be a secret after I reveal it through my post? Do you want to discover “The Secret”? Want to live the life you want? Learn The Secret and apply it to your life on a daily basis.

When secrets are passed around you eagerly want to be part of it. I personally don’t like secrets. However, when I was a kid, I enjoyed secrets and entertained them, but when time passed I’ve molded myself to not volunteer for such matters. Having secrets and gossipping is not my cup of tea but that doesn’t mean I don’t know or have secrets. It’s a natural thing to be secretive some times, depending on the situations.

My brother gave me a video to watch few months back, it’s called “The Secret”. I did learn something about myself and Human Beings in general after watching that video.

I watched the video and I kinda forgot about it, but again my brother sent me the following video of Oprah last night.

Then a sudden thought occurred to me. There must be a reason why this video is been crossing my life more than once. I would actually like to share this video and make “The Secret” open to the public. Before you guys watch the video, I would like to quote the definition of  ” The Law of Attraction” – one of the most powerful law in the universe.

The law of attraction is essentially a belief or theory, that “like attracts like”, and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results.

A very well known and well documented example of the law of attraction is the placebo effect, most of which occur in medication trials. Even the most carefully designed double-blinded study almost always yield very measurable placebo improvement; patients who believed they would be affected positively by the medications fared better than those who did not, even when given an inert tablet (often a sugar pill).

Less commonly known, though still very valid, is the nocebo effect, which is the term given to side effects and other negative consequences of medications that manifest out of a placebo effect (i.e., a negative effect due to a negative image or fear of the medication). Like the placebo effect, the results that contain this type of data are indeed real, and prove very valuable in the study of human psychology. – Wikipedia

Oprah, I and may of you will be surprised that this simple matter is The secret, we were taught to do this very thing from the beginning of time.

I thought I can try it on my life, so last night in the mid hour of my sleep, my dog started to bark wildly. I applied The Secret or let me say The Law of Attraction and to my surprise she stopped barking. Oh she is a barker alright! It maybe coincidence or The Secret, whatever it’s called, it does work if you believe in it.

There are so many positive quotes on the web that are being shared over social medias. I read almost ten quotions a day either it be on Twitter or my Facebook. I see lots and lots of people quoting on others’ words and writing their opinions. Even better, some people write their own quotes and pass it onto people. It is always a pleasure reading good, positive words.

My signature on my email is “Train your mind to think in terms of ‘possible’ and ‘can be done’.”

…Let the Law of Attraction be with you!…




  1. This blog entry is great. Just read it and watched the youtube clip. Although I already knew most of the things they said, I really feel motivated and capable of surviving next week! Thanks for sharing it =)

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