A greater vision through my spectacles

Ever since I was seven, I’ve been wearing spectacles, I like the term glasses better. I was always told to eat carrots to improve my vision..hmm not sure if that works. Being called the 4 eyes, geek, nerd..was the thing of the past. Nowadays, all the “hotties” wear glasses, take for instance Angelina Jolie, she is so HOT with her glasses. Branded glasses have become the fashion, even if the power of the lenses is low or minimum. Wearing glasses for movie night or a dinner is quite a sophisticated thing for generation Y and Z. Most the actors in the movies wear branded glasses.

 Contact lenses are far worse than having the blind eye, but the conscientiousness is kicking me to say I wear them for functions…A denial “I love my glasses” but too embarrassed to show off at a function in glasses. Even though, I wear glasses 100% of the time, if you flip through my albums on Facebook you wouldn’t have a clue of me wearing glasses full time.

Glasses not only makes me look smart but be smart as well, thinking smart for my health. Squinting is not my thing. I cannot stand the look of the world with blurry eyes. I wanted to do laser eye treatment, but thinking about the risk and side affects that is involved, I would rather stick to my glasses for the rest of my time. Being geeky in glasses is much better than being dried eye/s after laser eye treatment.

There is a myth that is passed around in India. Sit in your garden during day time, face the sun and close your eyes. Let the sun’s rays fall upon your eyelids. Shake your head slowly … left to right and right to left … Keep this going for at least twenty minutes per day. Your eyes’ power vision should improve. I have not tried it yet, will love to try this one day.

Wanna wear sun glasses and thinking twice coz you are a nerd in those lame eyeball frames??…hmm get the powered sun glasses..DUH!!

Keep healthy and eat carrots, even if it doesn’t improve your eyes 😉




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