Prad spills the beans

I have become a healthy eater ever since my blood test results came out somewhat worrying. When choosing your legumes, choose wisely. I was advised the following by my dietitian.

Lentils are packed with nutrients. Go for green and brown ones over red lentils as they contain more fiber, potassium and phophorous.

Broad beans have one of the lowest kilojoule contents of legumes – just 298KJ per 100g- making them a good choice for slimmers.

Red kidney beans contain more fiber than most other beans. Just 120g provides 21% fiber needed by adults per day.

Split peas are simply dried peas. The skins are removed and the peas ‘split’ natuarally. There’s little difference between yellow and green ones.

Chickpeas have a high fibre content and the glycaemic index is low so there’s a lower rise in blood glucose levels and keeps one fuller for longer. Try them roasted as snack.See my post

Black eyed beans are a rich source of folate, and good food for women planning a baby and are also great in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Health is wealth! Look after your body and exercise regularly. Keep yourself hydrated.


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