When in Québec City…

In June 2011, my hubby and I took a trip to Quebec. It was a six hour drive from Toronto. It was summer time, and it was fuming hot. It was a pleasurable drive. We enjoyed looking at mountains, forests and other sceneries. We even came across a pack of fox strayed. It was an adventure. We stayed in this mini – France Hotel as I call it, for four nights and five days. If you want to go on a history tour or French tour but can’t afford to go to France, then visit Quebec. I am thankful that I took French at school as a third language. I could communicate and understand the basics. I also had my French smart phone app handy. Didn’t want to communicate the wrong thing!!

Being the only brown people there, we could easily identify ourselves even if we got lost in the crowd. The buildings were very European like. It felt like I was in France. The smell of goat cheese and sheep milk was in the air. Distant Bonjour and Ca Va chimed away. It was strange being surrounded by castles, fountains with bird ponds and antique french restaurants with beautiful graveled pathways and symmetrical  jardin à la française compared to dry veld grass and cosmopolitan glass and see through buildings. I felt like I could breath fresh air and have croissants whenever I liked. I learned to eat Maple syrup with toast. I hardly enjoyed jams on my toast.

Here are some photos.

Errm, yea that’s me on the doorstep of the Parliament building..What a nerve 😛

Stunning architectural work there

A peek at the happening

Couldn’t make him do fancy actions but caught him red handed for winking… 🙂

By the harbour

Oh Canada..

Middle class housing

Check out my video – Parliament… Reminded me of The Union building in Pretoria South Africa


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