Kili Jothidam – Parrot Astrology

I remember the apartment I lived in India, I used to stand in the balcony and watch this man sit under the tree and invite crowds of tourists and people who are interested in his Parrots. They were 2 parrots caged in a dark brown box. The box had sticker of Gods and Goddesses.  The 1 parrot was green with yellow beak and other 1 was red with a bit of blue on the wings. They were such beautiful birds. I have to say, these birds were well behaved. They would listen to every word he would say. They were well tamed birds. Those birds’ names were Laxmi and Rani. He would stack a pack of cards, similar to tarots. He would say “Rani, vaama vanthu nalla seatah eduma – Rani, come out and take a good card”. The parrot will come out and pick a card out of the stack. He would give something small into its mouth and the parrots will go inside its cage.

That man made huge business with his fellow parrots. The same man would be seen on the beach during weekends. He knew his niche market. You will find them almost everywhere during tourist seasons, in the train, near huge wholesale shops and so on. I am not too fond of horoscopes, fortune cookies etc. but some people have unshakable faith in these birds and tarots. Some people like me, just like to see fortune telling for the fun of it. Which reminds me of the Octopus Paul during 2010 SA Soccer world cup.

Parrot astrology or Parrot fortune-telling Tamil கிளி ஜோசியம் is a type of astrology popular among the Tamils of Tamil Nadu. India and Singapore. It involves using green parakeets which are trained to pick up Tarot like fortune cards.

The parakeets are trained specifically for this. A parrot astrologer/fortune teller typically sits beneath a tree or by the side of the road where people congregate in numbers. He has a cage which contains one or two trained parrots. The tarot like cards are either spread out or stacked in front of him. They are 27 in number representing the Indian cosmic system. Each card contains the image of a Hindu deity and some cards contain images of Buddha or Virgin Mary with Infant Jesus. When a patron sits before the fortune teller, the later opens the cage and lets the parrot out. He instructs the parrot to pick a card for the patron. The parrot walks over to the cards picks one from the stack or the spread with its beak and gives it to the astrologer. It then walks back inside its cage. The astrologer opens the card and based on the image tells the fortune of the patron. – Wikipedia

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