Cricket match part 2

While Felix was doing his jump thing from space, I was watching cricket in the stadium of Wanderers. I have snapped some photos for your view.  Chennai Super Kings Versus Sydney Sixers… I didn’t even realise myself getting sun burned as the game had captured my senses. It was a good game.

A panoramic view taken from a Samsung Galaxy

We were literally sitting 5 rows from the front and could reach out to some of the players..

We were sitting in block G

That guy with the legendary suit is Harsha Bhogle, an Indian commentator. Back in the days I used to watch a show of his ‘ Travel India with Harsha Bhogle ‘ used to watch it on National Geographic.

Being a Chennai super kings supporter, I am a fond fan of this guy, Bhadrinath. It is a pity they lost the game but it was a good effort by CSK

Du Plesis doing his magic đŸ™‚


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