Knock, Knock, who’s there?..It’s hail stone..Hail stone who?

I was having my afternoon nap until I heard a knock at my window, then started hearing more knocks…  Err not the rain – hail AGAIN! This was the third time for the week. I opened up my curtains to the view of my my dogs running into their kennels. To my surprise two of my dogs who are /were arch enemies, sitting in one kennel as if they were long time buds. It was an ‘uncanny’ situation for both my dogs and I.

Say hello to my rottie and the shepherd.

Can these hail stones get any bigger? Well, of course they can. I wonder how many cars were damaged in the open parking lots. How many garden weddings were ruined? 😛 Uhh life goes on..

The look of it was beautiful. My garden was filled with white crystal pebbles.

The stones might have been a disturbance to my sleep but loved the view of it. Now, the sun is shinning so bright as if nothing has ever happened.

Enjoying the afternoon with a cup of tea and Romany creams biscuit.



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