Drakensburg – Macro photography


(Photography credits: Mohan Kethees)

I booked a weekend getaway to Drakensburg. It is a five and a half hours drive from Johannesburg. I never really wanted to go to this place since my school trip as the thought of hiking makes me tired but I ended up loving every moment of it. Well, it was exhausting and I did get stiff from climbing those steep hills and valleys but this trip reformed me and made me a better human being. I realised something crucial and I want to put this in bold:

“NEVER UNDER ESTIMATE YOUR POTENTIALS” ~You never know what you are capable of until you try it and don’t let your fears or any other emotions stop you from doing something different and wild.

Ok enough of my pep talk …. 😛

I started to admire nature. I looked at life from a different angle.  My husband started to look at the world with his new set of lenses.   His brand new DSLR camera (Nikon D3100). He bought this camera specially for this trip. He has a keen eye on macro-photography thus I urged him to start a photo blog. Below are some of his master pieces. For a first timer I think he had made justice.  

I never imagined wild flowers can have such beauty

A variety of birds

I cropped this one to make it look different

Will post another blog on my Drakensburg trip soon. Keep watching my blog!

Prad 🙂


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