Turkish Mosque on the horizon

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A distance away from my house in the skies I can view a beautifully built mosque, well I can see some domes and four steeple minarets. I took a visit to the mosque in Midrand and this was my first time to a mosque.

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A view from my front yard, stoep. I always wanted to visit this beautiful palace ever since it was built. I had the opportunity to visit the mosque on Tuesday and even took photos. I was astonished at the kind atmosphere. We managed to get a tour guide too.

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Nizamiye Kulliyesi is the name of the mosque. Built in 2011, their year 1432.  This place of worship was sponsored and built by one man (a Turk millionaire). This is a replica of the Blue Mosque situated in Istanbul, Turkey. Nizamiye is the largest mosque in the southern hemisphere.

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I had a bit of fear entering the mosque since I am a non Muslim. I was conscious about my clothes too. I hope I was respectful with my clothing sense. I was surprised and grateful by the hospitality and kindness of the people there. I was honoured to meet Imaam Ibrahim Atasoy. He is the religious guider of the mosque – from Turkey. Thanks to my appa (dad) for taking me to a beautiful place to meet some wonderful people. My appa was invited by the Imaam to take a visit.

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I have never seen or met such soft natured/spoken people in my entire journey of life. These Turks are such broad minded and kind people.

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It is a custom and hygenic to cleanse the feet and hands before entering the place of worship. This is a custom not only in Islam even in Hinduism. The small alter that you see above is where the legs and hands are washed before entering prayer place.

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Gold crescents (moon) placed on top of each dome and steeple.

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My hubby was overly excited to take photos of every nook and cranny of the mosque 😛 This is the men’s restroom and again a wash place is available.

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Walking through passages of arched shaped arcs and tall and steady pillars. This place reminded me of Taj Mahal.

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Removed my shoes outside before entering this mansion. I was awed at the architecture and hand painted tiles. Gold plated Arabic writing were everywhere.

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This is on the inside of the dome. All these hand painted tiles were imported from Turkey. This would’ve costed fortunes but hey what is money for a millionaire:P That guy is blessed to build a beautiful mosque. Arabic writings are seen above. Right at the top of the dome as seen below, written in Arabic:

This is a phrase from the Qur’an that is recited before reading the Qur’an. It is to be read immediately after one reads the phrase: “A’uzu Billahi Minashaitanir Rajim.”
This phrase is also recited before doing any daily activity. The meaning of it is: “In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.”

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A glimpse of our friendly tour guide and some more art. I loved the colour choices of the carpet. Devotees always face towards Mecca when praying.

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Some prayers were going on there. They were chanting the Qu’ran. There are separate sections for both men and women to pray. Women pray at the top and have curtains for privacy. I didn’t see any ladies at the Mosque on that day.

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A preacher ready for prayer at his podium.

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A closer look at the women’s prayer place at the top with curtains.

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A photograph of Mecca.

There were schools being built and in running, gallery, boarding houses for children, shops and a bazaar, hospital and clinics were being built and a dining hall. We didn’t have enough time to visit it all. Looking forward to my next visit there.

I will keep you posted with more photos and will take some videos.

Photography credits: Mohan Kethees

Prad 🙂



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