Kutty (little) Kannan

I originally found this painting on Facebook and got attached to it ever since. I thought it would be good share on my blog.

Little Kannan

This photo or painting reminds me of my cute nieces. I have 3 of them. They are all such wonderful kids. In specific Abi, the first kid in my family whom I am attached to very dearly. Everyone says she is mini me, by looks and characteristics.

The hair of the child on the painting gives it away that this is a painting. This painting also reminds me of Little Kannan (Krishnan) licking away the ghee from his lip.

I have a short story to share with you.


The story of Lord Krishna

Around 5000 years ago, King Ugrasen ruled the small Indian village of Mathura. He
was loved by all of his people, and raised two very fine children, Kansan and Devaki. As
his children grew older, they both went their own ways. Kansan jailed his father, and
was the new King of Mathura. He still loved his sister, Devaki, with a lot of heart, and
got her married to an army officer, called Vasudevan. On the day of their wedding,
Kansan found out that Devaki’s eighth child would be born to kill him. For that reason, he
though it would be wise to kill his sister Devaki. Vasudevan was very dear to Devaki, and
would not let this happen. They then came to an agreement that Kansan will prison
them, and let them live. But, they have to hand every child to Kansan, so it can be
killed. Kansan had succeeded in killing all of Devaki’s six children, and her seventh child,
was transferred into Rohini’s womb. Being the second wife of Vasudevan, Balraman was
then born to her, and Kansan was fooled into thinking that Devaki had a miscarriage.
Krishnan, being the eighth child, was born on a stormy night in that same
prison. As the guards fell asleep, the gates of the prison opened freeing the family.
Vasudevan hid Krishnan in a basket covered with a blanket and made their way to
Gokulam, where his friend Nandu lived. While passing River Yamunai, the waters had
turned wild. As Krishnan’s foot touched the waters, the river parted making it easier
for Vasudevan to pass through. At that moment, Vasudevan realized that Krishnan was not
“a normal child but a divine human being.”


Nandu & Yashodai became Krishnan’s foster parents and Vasudevan returned to
the jail with Yashodai’s newborn daughter. She was then passed to Kansan, to be killed
as the eighth child of Devaki. However, while taking this daughter by the legs, ready to
end her life. She disappeared into thin air, being just an illusion and leaving a
message that ‘the eighth child was born and is safe in Gokulam’. Krishnan grew up to be
the son of Nandu and Yashodai, and as destiny had predicted, he killed his uncle
Kansan, and all of Mathura was saved from his rule.


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