Keerai puttu

1Watching my mother-in-law making keerai puttu (spinach puttu). I wanted to log this recipe in my blog for my viewers. It tasted divine with pickle and mix veg curry.

Puttu is a South Indian and Sri Lankan breakfast dish of steamed cylinders of ground rice layered with coconut. It is highly popular in the Indian states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu as well as in many areas of Sri Lanka, where it is also known as pittu. Puttu is served with side dishes such as palm sugar, coconut chutney or banana.


  • Red rice flour 2 cups
  • Hot water 3/4 cup
  • Salt adjust to taste
  • Coconut shreddings 1/2 cup
  • Spinach (keerai) 1 cup


  • Pour hot water on the rice flour and stir with a large wooden spoon (can use hand to mix if water is not too hot)
  • Mix well so that it looks like the photo above
  • Add the salt, coconut and spinach
  • Mix well then put the contents into a steamer pot
  • Let it to steam for 15 minutes
  • Enjoy the aroma and the taste of Sri Lanka 🙂

Puttu is generally cooked in a metal puttu kutti vessel with two sections. The lower section holds water and the upper section holds the puttu — where the rice mixture is inserted with layers of grated coconut. Perforated lids separate the sections to allow the steam to pass between them.

A number of alternative cooking vessels are used, such as traditional vessels where a perforated coconut shell is attached to a section of bamboo, or a chiratta puttu made of a coconut shell or of metal shaped similarly to a coconut shell.

Further alternative cooking vessels include a pan similar to an Idli pan with small holes in the bottom, pressure cookers and, mainly in the Malay Archipelago, hollow bamboo stalks.

Try this recipe and leave comments below 🙂





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