A new era begins – an emotional record

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I am a step away to becoming a mother. The feeling of being a woman is about to fulfil. I am in my sixth month of pregnancy.  It is such an emotional time of my life. My hormones have changed me and moulded me in many different ways. This is a pastoral beginning to my life.

It all started with morning sickness in the first trimester. Vomiting and nauseousness lasted throughout the day. It wasn’t long since I had to make a move to another country. This was the worst part of my pregnancy and I still regret it. Leaving my parents in Johannesburg and coming back to Toronto while in my sixth week of pregnancy was the worst feeling. It is a Tamil custom that pregnant women are sent home to their mothers during their first pregnancy to deliver the child. In my case it is the opposite.

Beyond the regrets of moving I had to adapt my life back to living in the cold. I didn’t like the adjustment but I had to stay cheerful just for my baby. The life I lived with my parents is incomparable. Nothing will ever come close to that. Regardless of all the miseries the move brought, some fun things I looked forward to after the move. I have lovely in-laws who make me feel in my comfort zone. I love my mom in law’s cooking. I learn a lot everyday.

I had my first ultrasound scan done at twelve weeks. Listening to the fast thumping heart beats of my baby was heart warming. The baby was 6.4 cm in length. I was thinking to myself how beautiful is this life and many of us forget to cherish the best moments of it. Watching my baby move its small hands and legs was delightful. We got a black and white print out of the scan to add to our baby album.

I know I have not mentioned anything about my hubby so far. He has been my strong pillar of support during my low and high peaks. I had many blood tests and other tests done from time to time. It was all a huge process of the wellness of my foetus.

By sixteen weeks morning sickness was long gone and now had to deal with feet swells. The best remedy my mother suggested was to intake barley water as many times in a day as possible. Again this change in my body was so unusual but it went away within a blink of an eye. It was all a part of a beautiful process. I had saffron turmeric milk from time to time.


Feeling the baby moving in my stomach at seventeen weeks was amazing. It was just tingles not a real a kick yet. First it felt like butterfly flutters then it turned into tickles. Whenever I lied on my back I could feel these. It brought a lot of joy to me regardless of all the problems I get to face on a daily basis.

Revelation of the GENDER:

At nineteen weeks I get the opportunity to go to another ultrasound. I requested to know the gender of my baby. I had the feeling from the beginning that child will be a BOY. It was all an instinct feeling, even though my doc brother had mentioned to me once that it will be a boy. Either girl or boy, I didn’t have patience to wait for the surprise.

Now that I am half way through my pregnancy I am starting to lose patience. I have not felt any sturdy kicks yet but am eagerly looking forward to that. Twenty weeks have gone by quite fast. I am hoping for another beautiful but quicker twenty weeks ahead. I would like to thank my family and friends for all the support they have given thus far. Specially to my husband for being such a star for guiding me though this tough but beautiful patch of my life.
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More posts to come. Keep watching my blog for updates on a smooth pregnancy.

Prad 🙂



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