Curry masala powder

This is originally my mother-in-law’s mixture that I’m sharing here. I remember back in the days when I was living in Mandavelli (close to Myalapore), old maamis (respected term for elderly or married women) used to sit on their porch with these flat weaved basket, generally weaved with natural materials such as wood splints, runners,figs or canes, sieving their spices or lentils by doing the “flipping of pancake” motion. Usually when one sieves one use left to right motions. The purpose of this sieving method is to separate the lentils and stones that may have been packet with these materials.


Kulambu powder mix:

  • Malli
  • Jeeragam
  • Venthayam
  • Milagu
  • Kadalai paruppu
  • Manjal
  • Dried red chillies


  • Jeera
  • Thuvaram paruppu
  • milagu
  • Dried red chillies

The quantities can vary to one’s taste.


Pradeepa 🙂


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