A surprise savoury

I am so tired of having dosa and sambaar or milagaai podi. I tried something new and wanted to share it with you guys.

I looked in my fridge to see what is available for me to cut up.. I saw lots of capsicum and sweet peppers. I had dosa mixture too. Hmm what can I make?? Was thinking loudly “I like having something western with the touch of eastern..” Then a bulb lit up in my head…



Chop an onion, 2 green chillies and sweet/bell peppers


Very colourful, isn’t it…

Saute the above with a handful of coriander leaves (Add shredded cabbage to your pan, I didn’t have any on that day), make sure onions turn to a translucent colour before switching your stove off. Oops don’t forget the salt and pepper to taste.



Spread a dab of chilli or soy sauce (any sauce for your taste) on the dosa



I had some noodles left over. I love to mix and match.

Add the filling and fold the dosa.


Be proud of yourself! You just made a whole new dish … well kinda 😛

I will make another blog on Dosa mixture at a later stage.





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