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Ashwin sleeping

I’m on day 6 of sleep training Ash to sleep in his own crib and room. It has been a great success thus far. I get to sleep 7 to 8 hours straight

 My husband and I, after many sleepless months, decided to sleep train Ash. Ash’s paediatrician suggested the idea of CIO (cry it out) method. I hated the idea of my baby crying himself to sleep at first. He was breastfed. In Canada doctors suggest to breastfeed babies till they are 2 years old.

I went online and read many reviews about this method before trying it out. I decided to go with the controlled Crying method. You may ask what’s difference?

What is the difference between Controlled Crying and Cry It Out?

When people think of “Cry It Out” they think of not going back in the room once they put their baby down for sleep at night and let them cry. Controlled Crying is when you go in at intervals to check on your baby and you may put a time limit on how long your baby cries in total. I do find many people consider Controlled Crying the same as “Cry It Out” and don’t want to do either. Everyone seems to have a slightly different definition. Some people think of Cry It Out as not even going in to feed or change a diaper while others recognize that they are not looking for a 12-hour straight sleeper or baby sleeping throughout the night, necessarily, they just don’t want to go in there every 1-2 hours to replace a pacifier, breast-feed, bottle-feed, or rock their baby back to sleep all night.

On day 1 my husband, Mohan, put Ash down in his crib at 8 PM performed some night time routine such as: filling the humidifier with water, switching his room night lamps on and wishing him a good night sleep with a kiss (very important as these are cues for him to sleep). He went in every 5 to 7 mins to calm Ash down. I was advised by our paediatrician not to enter the room while he cried. If had seen me he would’ve prolonged his cry. Within 20 mins he calmed down and fell off to sleep. Never woke up till 7 AM the following morning.

Believe it or not on day 2 he was only crying for 2 mins or less and he slept throughout the night. Day 3 he gave us a surprise by waking up in the middle of the night for a short cry. Mohan went into his room to calm him down. He went off to sleep within minutes.

Dear moms, If you do co-sleep and have decided to put your baby in his own room. I strongly suggest you stick to a routine. Baby Ash’s bedtime routine as follows:

7:00 PM to 7:30PM – Dinner time

7:30 PM to 7:45 – Bath time

7:45 PM dressed up in PJs and ready for a bedtime story and sipping on a bottle of milk

8:00 PM he is in his bedroom staring at his starlight drifting off to sleep

I have been following this routine for the past 6 nights and it has been a great success. Even though in the beginning I was all against this method and believe me it was a tough call to decide to end the co-sleeping, or to listen to him screaming away, but at the end of the day it was fruitful. He learnt to soothe himself to sleep and my baby is not a thumbsucker or a pacifier user. Thus, he had difficult time to soothe himself to sleep without being breastfed. It feels like I won a lottery. I get to sleep for 8 hours straight after 14 months. It’s a great feeling.

According to babycentre: As soon as your baby is born, you can begin to help him establish good sleep habits that will last a lifetime. You’re bound to run into a few problems along the way but if you start with — and stick to — the basics, your chances of the whole family enjoying a good night’s sleep improve dramatically.

I thought this process will be much tougher but it is not as difficult as I thought it to be. Please do share your methods below by leaving a comment.

Happy and healthy sleeping ZzZzZz……

Pradeepa 🙂



  1. I did this method too. My baby girl now is 3 years old and she sleep through the night without any problems. We are so glad we trained her at 6 months of age.

  2. Hi Pradeepa
    I work with helping parents and children every day in resolving children’s bahaviour and supporting families into their routines.
    I can understand your feelings of not wanting to hear your child cry. Unfortunately, for you they have worked this out and it is through this that they are able to ‘control’ you. As you mentioned never be afraid of your child crying, so long as they are not hurt and are in a safe environment.
    Crying is simply a way children communicate with adults and in instances like this they are communicating with your emotions, unbeknown to you.
    I am delighted that you found the strength to see this routine through as not only is it in the child’s interest…happier and healthier child the following day, but it is also an investment in your time allowing you to spend quality time with your husband and an opportunity to catch your breath. Well done and remember the principles are the same for other aspects of behaviour.

    1. Hi Bev,
      That’s great that you help many parents solve their problems. I’ll treasure your advice. Please do share more info with us from time to time.

  3. @Beverley, I do agree with you. I’m a sleep trainer myself and many sleepless mothers come to me for advice. It’s a great pleasure to teach them some values and rather train them to resist.

    @pradeepa, I’m glad you found some common ground with Ash. Crying is not harmful for the baby. This topic is highly debated but glad you went through with it. Keep strong.

  4. I have read this method of CIO happening in foreign countries, really did surprise me. Good that you found success in just 6 days. You should be so strong for that emotionally. Baby’s routine is also so well planned and how it is followed in western countries (immediately bath after food). My baby’s meal time takes from 20 to 60 mins.

    1. Trust me, I was overly emotional on the first 2 days. I just couldn’t hear him cry. The 2nd day he went to sleep within 2 mins and that surprised us. If your baby’s meal time takes about 60 mins then you should push his dinner earlier maybe 6-7PM then bath and so on. If you try this method let me know how it goes.

  5. Hi,
    I am a mom of a 4 month old and it wows me that you have gone almost a year without straight sleep. As I had read that once the baby starts on solid food they tend to sleep through the night.
    Has anyone sleep trained their child early? If so is 6 month too early? I would like to hear on the no-cry method too.

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