Where there’s a will there’s a way!

Hi peeps,

This post will be more of a self reflection. I am pretty new to blogging and I think it’s a great tool to communicate and share my thoughts with the rest of the world. I have not blogged for sometime now..I think it’s been more than a year. My first blog was blogengine.net.Which lasted for a couple of months. Then I tried out Orchard which was pretty satisfactory and that lasted for like a week.  This is my first wordpress blog and there are thousands of themes out there that I need to research on. If any one out there think my theme really suck… just say it so..really.. so that I can think about exploring new themes. Continue reading

Summer time wear

It’s summer time here in SA and phewwwwwy it’s super HOT. I will be blogging about what’s the in and trendy and what’s essential.

Us young women love to dress up when going out to meet up with friends or if going on a date or just a family outing. We dress up according to the weather, the event or for our personal happiness. Clothes are not only the fun part of dressing up but the accessories that goes along with the outfit. I am not a Fashion Fundi but I am basing my blog on my observations. Continue reading

Dinner at Thava

Being an Indian, out of many sophisticated factors food is one of those factors, I love to eat! On Sunday evening my hubby, brother and I had dinner at Thava. Yes, it’s a South Indian (Kerala) restaurant, Thava (sauce pan). Thava is situated in Norwood – Johannesburg, South Africa. This was my first time to Thava. The foods were rich in taste and mouth watering.

Tis time to speak about the food. Continue reading