Life of PI

I watched this movie with Mohan end of 2012 and we both loved it. It gave me goosebumps when watching all the Tamil bits. Suddenly felt proud to be Tamilian šŸ˜€


Watching the movie in 3D was a delight to the senses. Love the following music. The lyrics, so soothing and wondered if nature Continue reading

Why we shout in anger


I was sitting in traffic on Friday, we weren’t moving at all. This was on a highway under the beating sun, aligned bumper to bumper. I could see the mirage on the tar roads. People started to get out of their cars to relax outside since the heat and humidity was threatening Continue reading

Mottai & Kaadhu kuthal ceremony – Rituals for removing hair and piercing of ears

I was at the salon the other day for a hair cut. I was listening to a girl’s (who was sitting next to me for a haircut) conversation with her hairdresser. She was talking English with a Russian accent. She was saying: “All of ourĀ RussianĀ girls’ hairs are so thin, advice me on growing thick hair”. Well as usual the hairdresser was selling her products: “You should try our volume shampoo, which is about four hundred bucks and the conditioner is 200 bucks….” She kept ‘bla blaing’ a lot more. Well I mumbled too myself and to my surprise that girl heard me. Usually people don’t really hear my mumbles.

She asked me: “How come you Indians haveĀ beautifulĀ thick velvet hair?”. I said something along these lines : Continue reading

Caring for a bird egg

While, I was taking a walk in my garden yesterday afternoon and clicking away photos of nature, I came up to a lonely blue egg on the ground. Couldn’t find a home for it. Not sure if mama bird threw it out of its nest or it fell off while the other eggs were hatching. I just couldn’t leave it on the ground as it was too dangerous with my dogs around. Looked for a nest but I was unsuccessful. I wanted to leave it on a higher ground like in a tree but just thought it to be a bad idea.

The blue egg that caught my eye

The blue egg that caught my eye

Mohan gave me an idea. He said I should Continue reading

Naivedhyam – Offering to God

Mohan and I celebrated our wedding anniversary yesterday.

Traditionally, payaasam and vadai is made forĀ specialĀ events such as these. We offer some food to our deities before consuming them. This is called Naivedhyam. In any auspicious menu ‘Vadai payaasam’ is included.

Payaasam is made up of cooked rice as rice is the staple diet of India and boiled milk with sugar. Offering something sweet to God.

Vadai is a savoury dish andĀ a traditional South Indian food known from antiquity.Ā There are two types ofĀ vadaiĀ –Ā Paruppu vadaiĀ made fromĀ chana dalĀ (split de-husked black chickpeas), andĀ Ulundu vadaiĀ made from urad dhalĀ (de-husked black lentils.) Sliced green chillies, curry leaves and onion are also mixed into the batter, andĀ ulundu vadaiĀ batter contains rice in addition to these. Ā These are fried in hot oil like doughnuts. WhileĀ paruppu vadaiĀ is circular and slightly flat,Ā ulundu vadaiĀ is wheel-shaped with a hole in the middle. Ulundu vadai is bland and usually enjoyed with chutney or sambar.

They are more than 2 types of vadai. The above mentioned are mostly used forĀ auspiciousĀ functions.

Neivedhiyam Continue reading

Keyboard flip-flops

Let your toes do the typing for once šŸ™‚

Flip flops

Designed by Thailand shoe company Kito, the keyboard flip flopsĀ quite literally put computer keyboards on your feet. Of course the keyboards don’t actually work, but they’re realistic enough to give onlookers a reason to take a second glance. Will you potentially look really stupid to the fashion forward? Yes, quite possibly. But for a price of just a dollar, a few weird looks is worth having the most hacker-friendly feet in your neighbourhood.

It’s funny to see people in these keyboard foot wear. They just don’t realise they look geeky. I wonder if they are comfy and massaging šŸ˜›

Keep typing šŸ™‚


Weekend getaway to Drakensburg

Mohan and I work and breed in the plateau of South Africa. We needed a different landscape to refresh our souls and test how physically fit we were, thus went on a weekend getaway to Drakensburg. I have not seen the burgs (berge – mountains) since my fifth grade. It was a memorable but tiring trip. I was so drained at the end of the trip.

It is one of those ‘taste of Africa’ weekends. Reached some high peaks with awesome views, rolled down some Continue reading

Computer keyboard magnets (DIY)

I am on holiday now. When you are home ‘alone’ during holidays the best thing to do is clean out your cupboards. Well, I don’t know about you but I enjoy cleaning my cupboards. I love to find old things that I have never seen for ages. I found a whole load of computer keyboards and seriously didn’t know what to do with them. I didn’t have the heart to throw them away even though they were half damaged.

These keyboards are very old and the wires are half hanging. A brilliant idea popped into my head. I read this article on making use of old keyboards somewhere on the internet a long time ago. I thought I can put this info in use.

I ran to my fridge to find no magnets on the fridge. I never really took a look at my fridge. It looked so lonely with no magnets. I thought I can put some fun to the fridge. I linked the keyboard to the fridge. IĀ separatedĀ the keys on the keyboard and made them into magnets.

This is how I did it.

You will need:

  • The keyboard
  • Glue gun
  • Magnets (bought in checkers or pick n’ pay or any hobby shop)
  • A flat screw driver

Even more useful I got my magnets from old chess and checkers (games) pieces.

Do this:Ā 

With a flat screw driver lift the keys from the keyboard. Use the glue gun to dab some glue on the back of they keys. While the glue is hot safely place the magnets above the glue and make sure you don’t get the glue on your fingers.

Let it to dry for a while. Then start creating messages on your fridge. Enjoy šŸ™‚

|P| Ā  |R| Ā  |A| Ā  |D|