Pinching myself..OUCH!.. Wait am I still in Toronto? Nope, I am in Johannesburg. Looking out my window while typing this post, it is LITERALLY snowing here! Wow, my garden looks so serene, calm and white.  It is so wonderful to welcome the snow into our country. Well, this is the first heavy snowfall in Johannesburg. The snow fall is not continous but it’s better like this. Wish it could snow here more often. Nostalgic feelings overcome my thoughts, missing Toronto.

This is the first time ever for the snow to be falling on and off for upto 12 hours continuous. It was so exciting to see snow for the first time in Toronto. My first experience was there in 2007, but I feel more excited to say that it’s snowing here in my hometown. View the following videos, that I took eagerly with my phone through my window. Take a look at my dog’s reaction..He was clueless 🙂

I apologise for the shakiness of the video. It was taken with my phone and my hands were trembling out of excitement and the cold. It’s sad that this country is not equipped with heating facilities for such cold weather, apart from panel heater or fireplace, but some newly built houses do have underground heating systems. Well, there were no need for such things eg snow shovels, snow blower and so on. If our next winters turn out to be this cold or colder, some experts from other colder countries need to advise us.

Can’t see the snowflakes clearly in this video. I feel like having Mc flurry ice cream oreo flavoured.


Many have asked where I do my shopping, well this post has an answer.

I would like to compare this area to an area that I am comfy with. Downtown Toronto. It is one of those posh areas. When you are in this area, you wouldn’t think you are in Africa. It builds up a sophisticated atmosphere with walk-free paths. Those who have been there will understand my words on this page.

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I just went to Sorbet for facials. I am not usually a facial product person however I did buy a Dermalogica product.I use Dermalogica facial products for exfoliation or cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

This product is used after a face wash and mosturise. One has to spray the mist on their face while breathing out and should have their eyes shut. It gives a soothing sense and a glow to the face. Whenever needed even if make-up is worn, can spray over make-up.

I needed a break from life itself.Will soon be going for a full body massage. I enjoyed the face and neck massages. Sorbet’s staff are well trained. I enjoyed their techniques of massage and it was a relaxing time.