I will give you a brief info on the instruments used in Carnatic music. These instruments were invented and made in the southern part of India mainly Tamil Nadu.


This is called Ghatam.The percussive instrument is pretty much an earthen clay pot. The range of sounds is incredible considering the high pitches sharp strokes to the bass sounds modulated.



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On new year’s day, I visited a beautifully built Buddhist temple. This temple is situated at Bronkhostspruit. This was my first time visit to this temple. I loved the atmosphere. I felt like I was in mini China with the Buddhist monks. I have not visited China but after this trip I would add that to my wishlist. I don’t see much differences from a Hindu temple. We (Hindus) use almost the same mantras, which is in sanskrit, to the Buddhist chants. I would love to share some photos from my experience.

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Below are some photographs taken in Old Britain … AKA India during the British rule. Most of these photographs are taken in South India concentrated on Thanjore (Thanjavur – derived from Thanjai oor/ Thanjai nagaram). These photos are taken by the British and were found in a British museum library (அரிய புகைப்படங்கள்).These were snapped during the late 1700’s and 1800’s .

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