Once you become a mom you are faced with major changes in your life from bodily to emotional changes. Even your handbag changes into a huge bag filled with unimaginable items such as diapers and diaper rash cream 🙂

The contents of my bag changed from various stages of this 1 year and 3 months period. At this stage where my toddler is almost 15 months I carry lesser diapers, more clothes and essentials than the time he was a newborn.

I obviously use his diaper bag as my handbag too. I got a small clutch that contains all the essentials I need for that outing which fits into the diaper bag perfectly.

I have a columbia diaper bag from ‘Babies r us’. It is spacious, simple and nothing extravagant. I made my husband choose it as I didn’t want it to be a feminine product. He carries it comfortably as well.
diaper bag
I got 2 other awesome gift diaper bags from my friends that I use for other purposes such as longs trips.

What does my one year old’s diaper bag contain:

~Minimum 10 diapers (depending on the trip)
~Diaper pad and wipes (I always carry extra wipes for refill)
~Extra clothes for the day
~Hat/beanie(hoodie), gloves and socks
~During summer I carried Sunscreen
~Lotions and vaseline
~Diaper rash cream (but Ash never needed it)
~Diaper disposal bags when you are out and about and need to dispose dirty diapers
~Baby food, snacks, baby cutlery, bibs and water bottle
~I used to carry a nursing cover when I was out and about and had to nurse Ash in public this came handy
~Some toys to keep Ash entertained
~Extra clothes for me as accidents do happen

Bought this on Amazon

Bought this on Amazon

My personal clutch contains:

~Wallet and cellphone
~Chewing gum (it is a life saver for garlic eaters)
~Hand sanitizer (A must)
~Lip balm and moisturizer
~Some makeup and personal items
~Hair brush and a sample perfume
~Pocket tissues
~Pen and notepad even though all my notes are on my phone I keep these for emergency
~My very own water bottle and some snacks
~I do have a box of plasters just in case

I sometimes need to do some shopping on my own so I just carry my clutch bag with me.
These are the things I carry in my diaper/hand(bag). Trust me all of these things do fit in that bag. This bag contains many compartments for a better storage. It is always best to buy a bag that fits you comfortably and you know exactly where to look for that annoying ringing phone of yours.

Will love to know what do you guys carry in your diaper bags. Leave a comment below.