I opened my kitchen cabinets to bags and bags of quinoa. I love quinoa for its rich nutrients. In my household Dosa is a favourite tiffin item that we rarely have. I thought of making a Dosa batter for the following day dinner. Decided to use quinoa in my batter.

This tiffin item is perfect food for weight loss and for its low fat content and high amounts of protein and fibre. It also helps to reduce the cholesterol in the blood system. Quinoa has a balanced set of amino acids. Methi or fenugreek seeds has a medicinal value as it reduces the discomfort of arthritis or joint pain and it helps to flush out your system.


Ingredients needed:

1 cup Mung beans / green gram
1/4 cup quinoa
1 tbsp methi seeds
1 1/2 cup water to soak

Wash and soak all of the above for 6 – 8 hours (or overnight)

Grind the soaked mixture and add the following:

1 tsp Salt
1/2 inch ginger grated or chopped finely
1 or 2 green/red chillies chopped finely (depending on your taste)
1 tbsp Jeera / cumin seeds

So there you go it’s as easy and healthy as that.

Enjoy ūüôā

A simple summer drink for you.

Many people I know of don’t enjoy drinking soft drinks or juices in that matter. Plain water does get boring so let us flavour it.

I was at my dietitian’s office the other day and found this interesting mixture of water. This is an ideal drink for quick energy and to keep yourself hydrated with some home made flavoured water.

photo (2) (Medium)

Ingredients are simple!

6 thin slices of British cucumber

5 thin slices of orange

6 cups of cold water

Sugar (optional)


Mix all of the above in a tall pitcher and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Serve.


Instead of orange you can also add lemon or mint or all of the above.


Prad ūüôā

saffron in milk

It’s been ages since I touched my blog. Since I’ve been busy with my pregnancy I’ve not managed my time to type up a blog. I wanted to share this drink with all of you pregnant women out there. Know what you intake while pregnant. Don’t drink or eat blindly without knowing the purpose of each diet.

Now that I am in my sixth month of pregnancy, I drink a lot of Saffron Turmeric Milk. During pregnancy women drink Saffron Turmeric milk. I was told by my elders that this milk contains products for fairer complexion of baby’s skin. After some detail research I came to know the medical reasons behind this solution of Saffron in Turmeric milk.¬†Continue reading


I got my nose pierced when I was 18 years old, before my engagement. In India especially in Tamil Nadu young women pierce their nose at a very early age. I received a diamond nose ring for my marriage from my amma by our traditional customs. I was wearing this diamond mookkutthi while I wasContinue reading

Ayurveda/Ayurvedam РPart of the vedam or veda. Will be explaining the science of Ayurvedam. 

Ayurveda is the traditional medicine of India, which originated there over 5,000 years ago. Ayurveda emphasizes re-establishing balance in the body through diet, lifestyle, exercise, and body cleansing, and on the health of the mind, body, and spirit.

Lord Shiva

A heritage way of health care, Ayurvedam.

Ayurvedam is India’s ancient science of life, health, and longevity.¬†It is thought of by many scholars to be the oldest form ofContinue reading

I always love to nibble on something, while driving or staring at the computer. I actually never knew that my favourite chickpeas snack would be this delicious and the main point here is healthy. Delicious as a snack or salad topping, these treats are easy to make.

Preheat the oven to 220 degree C. Place 400g cooked or canned chickpeas in a bowl, drizzle with 2-3 tblspn of olive oil and sprinkle with a half tspn of salt, 1 tblspn of ground coriander, half tspn of cayenne pepper or paprika. Toss until well coated. If using canned chickpeas, drain, rinse and pat dry. Place the chickpeas on a baking tray and roast for 25-30 minutes until golden brown. Toss half way through cooking and allow to cool before serving.

Keep nibbling healthily!


Ever since I was seven, I’ve been wearing spectacles, I like the term glasses better. I was always told to eat carrots to improve my vision..hmm not sure if that works. Being called the 4 eyes, geek, nerd..was the thing of the past. Nowadays, all the “hotties” wear glasses, take for instance Angelina Jolie, she is so HOT with her glasses. Branded glasses have become the fashion, even if the power of the lenses is low or minimum. Wearing glasses for movie night or a dinner is quite a sophisticated thing for generation Y and Z. Most the actors in the movies wear branded glasses.

¬†Contact lenses are far worse than having the blind eye, but the¬†conscientiousness¬†is kicking me to say I wear them for functions…A denial “I love my glasses” but too¬†embarrassed¬†to show off at a function in glasses. Even though, I wear glasses 100% of the time, if you flip through my albums on¬†Facebook¬†you¬†wouldn’t¬†have a clue of me wearing glasses full time.

Glasses not only makes me look smart but be smart as well, thinking smart for my health. Squinting is not my thing. I cannot stand the look of the world with blurry eyes. I wanted to do laser eye treatment, but thinking about the risk and side affects that is involved, I would rather stick to my glasses for the rest of my time. Being geeky in glasses is much better than being dried eye/s after laser eye treatment.

There is a myth that is passed around in India. Sit in your garden during day time, face the sun and close your eyes. Let the sun’s rays fall upon your eyelids. Shake your head slowly … left to right and right to left … Keep this going for¬†at least¬†twenty minutes per day. Your eyes’ power vision should improve. I have not tried it yet, will love to try this one day.

Wanna wear sun glasses and thinking twice coz you are a nerd in those lame eyeball frames??…hmm get the powered sun glasses..DUH!!

Keep healthy and eat carrots, even if it doesn’t improve your eyes ūüėČ