I watched this movie with Mohan end of 2012 and we both loved it. It gave me goosebumps when watching all the Tamil bits. Suddenly felt proud to be Tamilian 😀


Watching the movie in 3D was a delight to the senses. Love the following music. The lyrics, so soothing and wondered if natureContinue reading

‘Tis time for some local talk. They say laughter lowers your blood pressure gives your diaphragm a workout and reduces stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. Coming to the point, a must watch movie – Material. Please go and watch this local movie…..our very own South African hit.


Riaad Moosa plays the lead as Cassim Kaif, a young Muslim man,who works at his father’s fabric shop. Cassim, as the only son, is expected to take over the family business ans as a respectful son, he hasn’t considered any alternatives. until he lands up doing an open-mike session at a local comedy club. Here he discovers a hidden talent for comedy and a passion is sparked. It’s a passion that brings him into conflict with his whole family.

Material is heart warming and emphasizes the importance of family. Producer Ronnie Apteker says: “I’m confident that we have the best piece of screenwriting to come out of SA in a long time and the most humble and inspired team.”

Find out more: www.materialmovie.com

I haven’t watched this movie yet and hopefully will go watch it soon before it goes off the projector 😉

Keep smiling 🙂


The latest and ongoing clichĂ©d buzz over the web and other media…KOLAVERI DI (revenge). This is one song that was recently released from the Tamil movie 3 and is quite popular. The catchy phrases and the tune attract millions of people, not necessarily Tamil speaking people. The language used in this song is broken English with bits and pieces of chennai Tamil (aka Thanglish). There are many remixes and uncut YouTube versions of this song. I would like to share the original version and my favourite remix.

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