Talking about originality, comic strip and a whole load of history all in one video. Love this song and the visuals. I enjoy looking at gold fish in a bowl of water, but a walking one ?? Just, can’t imagine it.

Watch and enjoy the music.

Keep the rhythm going!

Recently I fell in love with the song named above “call me maybe”. I heard it on the radio a couple of times, but I didn’t really know the name of the song. So I thought to myself let me just put the phrases together, and I googled it. I some how came upto this link on youtube.

Err wait a minute, this is not what I was looking for ­čÖé but, it was a good remix. Below is the original video.

I was astonished to see the number of views, likes and dislikes. It won over the Kolaveri di song on youtube. Now that I found the video, I will be listening to it on and on until am tired of listening to it. Well, am not too fond off the video but love the audio.

Call me again…maybe ­čÖé


The latest and ongoing clich├ęd buzz over the web and other media…KOLAVERI DI (revenge).┬áThis is one song that was recently released from the Tamil movie 3 and is quite popular. The catchy phrases and the tune attract millions of people, not necessarily┬áTamil┬áspeaking people. The language used in this song is broken English with bits and pieces of chennai Tamil (aka Thanglish). There are many remixes and uncut YouTube┬áversions of this song. I would like to share the original version and my favourite remix.

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