Internet is a thin strand of communication between every homosapien conscious soul in this planet. I started to abundantly use the Internet round about in the early 2007. It was pretty recent and yet I can’t remember or imagine how the days of my life were spent before this magnificent invention. Somebody probably wrote this idea down on a piece of paper and worked on it to create an evolution. Any idea that comes into your head, please write it down and think of ways to evolve it.  You never know what miracles can do. It is all a Law of attraction.

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My mom got a new Hob installed in her kitchen. She had a mini kitchen makeover. Well, hopefully I will be using it a lot more than her.

It is an AEG stove with glass top. She is loving the touch screen buttons. It is cool to have technologies being installed in your own kitchen. I had to teach her how to use it, but she caught on well.

So beautiful and clean, can’t wait to cook some interesting recipes on it.

Frying veggies – Mr Hob and I will have some happy cooking days in the future.

Prad 🙂

Many have asked where I do my shopping, well this post has an answer.

I would like to compare this area to an area that I am comfy with. Downtown Toronto. It is one of those posh areas. When you are in this area, you wouldn’t think you are in Africa. It builds up a sophisticated atmosphere with walk-free paths. Those who have been there will understand my words on this page.

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Receiving an air fryer is so heavenly. We bought an air fryer for my mom to make all of our lives easier and oil free. Infact, after cooking or frying food, one can notice how much of oil is in that food product. It does not only use air (hot steam) to fry, but takes out the oil from the food.

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My husband has this routine of looking at 9gag. Well sometimes I chuckle at some of the funniest things that they post.  I found this original piece of info that I would like to steal from there and ofcourse give credit to them. Thank you 9gaggers.


When I was on facebook I was a “Thief”. If you are a facebooker, what are you? I will “steal” more of these from time to time to blog about.

This also reminds me of brother’s blog This is about the craze of social network. It is a good read for those who are interested.

Prad <3


What is it with the booming of this Instagram application (“app”) ??

I have just installed this so-called cool app, Instagram. Everyone has it on their smart phone never mind every second person I come across has a smart phone, to be specific an Iphone 4 or 4S. I thought having just a smart phone was cool but the apps on the phone makes the phone cooler with it’s smart features. It’s a fun instrument to have. The reason I call it an instrument is that it literally contains everything that one needs to aid themselves in severe conditions. From compass to maps, from radio to media players, from A to Z, what more or less will one want?

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I got a LG Optimus black and it is an Android phone. I used the market (application ,app,  store) to download few cool apps that was recommended by other fellow android users and I tried out a couple of apps. I will be sharing the apps that I use regularly and how useful it is to me on my daily routine lifestyle. I also have some apps that came with the phone which are super useful.

1. Communication apps

  • Whatsapp
  • Skype
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Myspace

These apps above are useful when you are a, for example, Facebook freak or Twitter trimbo(I just made this word up). These apps came with the phone. I don’t use half these apps because I am not too into Twitter or myspace. I have a facebook account but I don’t use it on my phone. However, Whatsapp and Skype is heaven to me. These apps are very useful to communicate with friends or by using skype  for video calling. Especially if you have loved ones overseas, Skype is a great communicating tool as you can view their webcam or simply smiley-face-away.

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