A simple summer drink for you.

Many people I know of don’t enjoy drinking soft drinks or juices in that matter. Plain water does get boring so let us flavour it.

I was at my dietitian’s office the other day and found this interesting mixture of water. This is an ideal drink for quick energy and to keep yourself hydrated with some home made flavoured water.

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Ingredients are simple!

6 thin slices of British cucumber

5 thin slices of orange

6 cups of cold water

Sugar (optional)


Mix all of the above in a tall pitcher and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Serve.


Instead of orange you can also add lemon or mint or all of the above.


Prad ūüôā

If you are one of those people who have garments made of silk in your wardrobe then this post will be helpful to you.



Beautiful, resplendent and exquisite. Your pure silks always make you feel special. Pure silk product is a labour of love of the sericulture farmer, silk reeler and twister, the artisans including the weaver. This work of art is precious, care for it.

I always put my silks for dry cleaning but nowadays the washing machines come with a steam option for silk. Some of these techniques might not take away your dirt on your silk  material. I tried out many things and here are some of my best tips.


  • Use soft water for washing
  • Use good neutral soap-flakes or soap solution
  • Light detergent may be used in case of hard water
  • Use luke warm water for cleaning by gentle kneading
  • To remove soiled spots, rinse 2 or 3 times in warm water
  • Iron with low to medium temperature but not on the print
  • After wearing, dry it in shade to remove sweat
  • Wrap with brown paper or white cotton cloth to protect silks from insects, dust,¬†moisture¬†and to avoid blackening of material
  • Use silica gel sachets in storage racks.

Prad ūüôā

I am on holiday now. When you are home ‘alone’ during holidays the best thing to do is clean out your cupboards. Well, I don’t know about you but I enjoy cleaning my cupboards. I love to find old things that I have never seen for ages. I found a whole load of computer keyboards and seriously didn’t know what to do with them. I didn’t have the heart to throw them away even though they were half damaged.

These keyboards are very old and the wires are half hanging. A brilliant idea popped into my head. I read this article on making use of old keyboards somewhere on the internet a long time ago. I thought I can put this info in use.

I ran to my fridge to find no magnets on the fridge. I never really took a look at my fridge. It looked so lonely with no magnets. I thought I can put some fun to the fridge. I linked the keyboard to the fridge. I separated the keys on the keyboard and made them into magnets.

This is how I did it.

You will need:

  • The keyboard
  • Glue gun
  • Magnets (bought in checkers or pick n’ pay or any hobby shop)
  • A flat screw driver

Even more useful I got my magnets from old chess and checkers (games) pieces.

Do this: 

With a flat screw driver lift the keys from the keyboard. Use the glue gun to dab some glue on the back of they keys. While the glue is hot safely place the magnets above the glue and make sure you don’t get the glue on your fingers.

Let it to dry for a while. Then start creating messages on your fridge. Enjoy ūüôā

|P|   |R|   |A|   |D|



I just went to Sorbet for facials. I am not usually a facial product person however I did buy a Dermalogica product.I use Dermalogica facial products for exfoliation or cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

This product is used after a face wash and mosturise. One has to spray the mist on their face while breathing out and should have their eyes shut. It gives a soothing sense and a glow to the face. Whenever needed even if make-up is worn, can spray over make-up.

I needed a break from life itself.Will soon be going for a full body massage. I enjoyed the face and neck massages. Sorbet’s staff are well trained. I enjoyed their techniques of massage and it was a relaxing time.



I stumbled across the following photo on facebook. I am not a makeup fundi. This will be a good guideline to the ladies (or men) on how to apply eye shadow. Hmm.. I usually use 2 shades of colours but hey you can use more than 2 or 3 to enhance your eyes. The photo below depicts 9 sections whereby you can differentiate your colours and apply.


Want to cook Indian food but don’t know where to start?? I will do some help with organising your spice pantry.

A¬†spice¬†is a dried seed, fruit, root, bark, or vegetative substance¬†used in¬†nutritionally¬†insignificant quantities as a food additive¬†for flavour, colour, or as a preservative¬†that kills harmful bacteria or prevents their growth.¬†It may be used to flavour a dish or to hide other flavours.In the kitchen, spices are distinguished from herbs, which are leafy, green plant parts used for flavouring¬†or as garnish. — Wikipedia

Many people have a spice rack that looks pretty neat and kinda decorates the kitchen. I use a spice rack for my other spice inventory. For easy daily use..I call it “take ‘n use”.. I use a spice container which gets filled every now and then. My container looks like the one below, its a container with smaller partitions inside with a transparent air tight lid:

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I was reading these cool tips on the local newspaper and would love to promote it by publishing it on my blog ūüėČ


1. Clean Burnt pots by filling with water, adding some bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) and boiling for a few minutes. In fact, any kind of food acids (eg vinegar) will remove the stains. 




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